What Time Does Capitec Close on Saturday?

What time does Capitec bank close on Saturday? A number of our readers have been asking that question. Capitec is the largest bank in South Africa when it comes to customer numbers. They currently have over 16 million users. The bank offers a wide range of services that make it popular among people in the country. You are here because you wish to visit a Capitec Branch, and you are wondering when the bank closes on Saturdays.

When does Capitec close on Saturdays?

Most Capitec bank branches close at 1300hrs on Saturdays. There may be slight differences in closing hours depending on where the branch is located.

Does the bank open on public holidays?

That’s the answer to the question, what time does Capitec close on Saturday. We have previously written on the Capitec opening hours.

One question that people ask is whether or not Capitec opens on public holidays. The answer is no. All Capitec bank branches close on public holidays.

Use digital channels to transact

The people who ask what time does Capitec close on Saturday are those looking to visit a nearby branch. One thing to note is that Capitec can be rather swamped. We have already noted that they have over 16 million users across South Africa.

It means their banking halls can be rather crowded. So, what can you do to reduce the time that you need to wait before you are served? What can you do if you are too late and they have already closed for that Saturday?

The great thing is that Capitec has a robust digital presence fronted by their app. Once you have downloaded and started using this app, you can do so much from your phone that there probably won’t be need for you to visit a branch.


In this article, we answered the question what time does Capitec close on Saturday. It was noted that the majority of Capitec bank branches in South Africa close at 1pm on Saturdays. The good news, if you have missed this time, is that you can use the bank’s digital platforms to transaction and get help.

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