What Time Does Capitec Close on Sunday?

What time does Capitec close on Sunday? It’s a question that you will be asking yourself if you need to quickly rush to a nearby branch. We have a previous article in which we answered the question does Capitec bank even open on Sundays? It was noted then that there are some branches that open on this day. However, their operating hours are not the same as with normal working days. So, what’s the Capitec bank closing time on Sundays?

Capitec bank closing times on Sundays

Capitec bank branches close at 1300hrs on Sunday. However, not all branches are open on this day. You will have to reach out to the specific branch that you wish to visit to find out whether or not it will be open on the day.

What about public holidays?

That’s the answer to the question, what time does Capitec close on Sunday? It was noted that most branches will be closed on the day. However, the few that open Sundays close at 1pm.

You may be wondering whether or not Capitec opens on public holidays. The answer is no. As long as there is a public holiday in South Africa, all Capitec branches will be closed.

What to do if the bank is closed

Perhaps you are too late and it’s already past 1pm. What do you do if you wanted to get help from Capitec? The good news is that you can accomplish a lot of tasks using the bank’s digital tools.

You can use online banking or the Capitec app as an example to do transfers, check your balance, stop cards, but electricity and much more. We have already noted that Capitec has a lot of customers.

It can be difficult for people to get the service that they need as a result. There have been recent articles on the bank failing to service customers at the end of the money when most get paid. The bank’s halls get congested at this time. So, digital platforms are a good way through which to transact.


In this article, we answered the question what time does Capitec close on Sunday. It was noted that Capitec closes at 1 on Sundays. We have another article answering the question What time does Capitec close on Saturday?

You will note that closing times are the same for both days. We noted in this post that not all branches open on Sundays, so you need to check before visiting one.

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