What is the FNB eWallet Limit?

What is the FNB eWallet limit? That’s a question that some a number eWallet users have been asking. FNB is one of South Africa’s biggest banks. They have millions of customer dotted across the country’s provinces. Their eWallet is one of the most popular money transfer services in the country. If you are one of the users, you may be wondering about the limits for the service. How much can you send per day using eWallet? What is the maximum amount that can be stored in your eWallet? How much eWallet money can you use per day?

FNB eWallet limit per day

The following are the FNB eWallet limits;

Transaction TypeDaily limit
Maximum amount in eWalletR10 000
Daily eWallet spending limitR5 000
Monthly eWallet spending limitR24 999
Daily sending limitR5 000 (Easy, Zero, Aspire accounts)
R10 000 (Premier and Private clients)
R15 000 (Private Wealth and RMB)
Maximum ATM send limits (per transaction)R1 500

eWallet sending, spending and withdrawal limits

That’s the FNB eWallet limit. You will notice that there are actually different types of limits depending on whether you are withdrawing money, sending money or storing money in your eWallet.

The maximum amount that you can keep in your eWallet is R10 000 at any given point in time. Your eWallet balance cannot be more than that. If you need to get more money into eWallet, you will have to spend or withdraw the money that you already have to reduce it from the maximum amount.

On any given day, you can only spend a maximum of R5 000. Meanwhile, the maximum spending limit per month is R24 999. So, if you are spending the maximum daily amount on consecutive days, you will only be able to use eWallet for 5 days within a given month.

Another thing to note here is that the daily sending limits are different depending on the type of account that you have. If you have Private wealth or RMB accounts, you can sent up to 15000 per day. Meanwhile, those with entry level accounts can only send up to R5000 per day.

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In this article, we answered the question, what is the FNB eWallet limit. We noted that there are different types of limits depending on whether you are sending or receiving money. There are also different daily and monthly limits depending on the account type that you hold.

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