FNB eWallet Contact Number

What is the FNB eWallet contact number? It’s something that a number of people have been asking. FNB is one of the biggest banks in South Africa. Part of their popularity lies in the products that they offer, including their eWallet service. With eWallet, FNB customers can send money to anyone in South Africa as long as they have a phone number. There is no need for the people receiving the money to have bank accounts. You are here because you wish to have some issue resolved and you are looking for the FNB eWallet contact number;

FNB eWallet call centre number

The FNB eWallet contact number is 087 575 9405. It’s the number to use if you wish to get in touch with FNB about anything to do with the eWallet service. This is also the number to call if you wish to reverse eWallet.

Other ways of getting in touch with FNB

That’s the FNB eWallet contact number. As noted, you can use this number if you have any queries relating to the eWallet service. But what do you do in the event that you are unable to get through.

You can also reach FNB on their 24 hour call centre number. Another option is to get in touch with FNB on their social media handles. They can be found on both Twitter and Facebook. The great thing about these platforms is that FNB is fairly responsive.

On top of that, chatting on these platforms also means you retain a copy of the conversation. That can come in handy in the future in the event that you wish to refer back.

Why contact FNB on their eWallet contact number?

eWallet services have been growing in number across South Africa over the past few years. The country still lags behind when compared to other African countries in terms of mobile money, but the service has been growing.

We have already noted that FNB has millions of customers. It’s not surprising, therefore, that some of them will be looking to get in touch with the company to have their issues resolved. Perhaps you are not able to see the money that’s in your account.

Or maybe you wish to do a reversal. That’s something that you can do if you encounter some issues. Perhaps the person to whom you sent the money is not able to withdraw it. In that case, you will want to do a reversal to get back your money.


In this post, we showed you the FNB eWallet contact number. It was noted that the FNB eWallet service has become very popular with people looking to send and receive money across South Africa. The good thing is that money can be send without the need for a bank card. As long as a person has a phone number, they can receive money via FNB eWallet. It doesn’t matter what network they are in South Africa.

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  1. Hi I ewallet to this number many times 0619977792 I want to trace this person where this person really is where did they withdraw that money what I am sending please assist me

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