Where to Withdraw MTN MoMo

Do you wish to learn where to withdraw MTN MoMo? That’s information that you will be looking for after receiving money via this mobile money transfer method. South Africa has been rather slow in catching up with the rest of the contenent when it comes to mobile money. In Kenya, Mpesa started making waves a long time ago.

The great thing about mobile money is that it makes banking accessible to people who do not have bank accounts. It’s a great service that makes it easy to send and receive money across the country using a person’s phone number. So, now that you have received MTN MoMo, where can you withdraw your money?

List of MTN MoMo agents

The following is where to withdraw MTN MoMo money in South Africa;

  • MoMo Agents
  • Transfer to a bank account via EFT
  • Nedbank ATM
  • Pick n Pay stores
  • Cash Express ATM
  • Kazang Agents
  • MTN Stores
  • Blu Merchant

How to check for nearby MoMo agents

That’s where to withdraw MTN MoMo cash. As you can see, there are thousands of agents dotted around the country. In fact, it recently reported that MTN was recruiting thousands of people to act as its agents.

The fact that you can also get your money from some retail outlets such as Pick n Pay means you will not have an issue finding a place to get your money. These retailers have outlets literally everywhere across the country.

So, how can you find MoMo agents nearby? You can do so by dialing *223# and following the prompts. You will get information about where to go to immediately get your money.


In this article, we focused on where to withdraw MTN MoMo in South Africa. It was shown that there are thousands of places around the country where you can make your withdrawal. These places include agents that the company has been recruiting. It also includes some retailers such as Pick n Pay. Best of all, you can also withdraw your money from a Nedbank ATM near you.

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