FNB 24hr Call Centre Number

What is the FNB 24hr call centre number? FNB is one of South Africa’s banking giants. They currently have over 10 million customers. A lot of these people look for the FNB customer care number on a daily basis. Perhaps you are here because you have an emergency that you need to report to FNB. It’s important to do so should you lose your card or in case you suspect fraud on your account. So, how do you get in touch with FNB on a 24 hour basis?

FNB customer care number

The following are the FNB 24hr call centre numbers;

Query TypeContact number
Lost card087 575 9406
011 369 1189
Fraud087 575 9444
+27 11 369 2924
Credit cards087 575 1111
087 736 4800
Cancel credit card087 575 9406
Insurance Live cover087 736 7774
Car insurance087 312 0001
Paypal087 572 9725
Loans087 730 5596
Gold services087 575 4653
Private banking087 575 4727

Alternative ways of getting in touch

In this post, we have given you the 24hr FNB call centre number. But what if you fail to make it through? The great thing is that there are alternative ways through which to reach FNB. Depending on the nature of your query, you can reach them via email.

As an example, if you issue is about credit cards, you can reach the bank on the email fnbcard@fnb.co.za. For home loans, the email address is Homeloans@fnb.co.za. Look for the email address that corresponds with the nature or your enquiry.

Another way of reaching out to FNB is through their social media handles. FNB is available on Facebook and on Twitter. These platforms are great in that you can get your questions answered quickly. Another good thing is that you retain a record of the chat that you carried out with FNB.

Why look for the FNB 24hr call centre number?

We have already shown you the FNB 24 hour customer care number. But why would you look for this number? There could be any number of reasons why you may look to do this. The query types given in the above table indicate some of the reasons why people look for the FNB contact details.

The most common reason why people look for this number is when they have lost their card or if they have been a victim of fraud. If you have noticed suspicious activity on your account, as an example, you can use the contact number to get in touch. It’s important to always quickly report a lost FNB card.

We have a previous article in which we discussed how to get SMS notifications on FNB. These notifications are important as far as managing your account is concerned. They tell you when a transaction has been carried out.

If you are not the one who has carried out that transaction, you need to use the contact numbers given here to report the issue. In another article, we talked about how to report a lost FNB card. These are all issues that require that you get in touch with the bank at any time of the day.


  1. Hi,
    Is this a legitimate number 0877 305 799?
    They have sent my elderly mother a text asking her to call that number. On calling she’s been told to take her bank card and ID to a branch and if she doesn’t do this she won’t be able to use her account. Is this genuine or a scam?
    Thanks for your help.

  2. What is the best go-to option to find out about a payment (different bank) that was made into your account (FNB)? I only have a reference number. I’d love to know the names and surnames of the sender.

  3. I lost my card and I renewed card but when I use card number it says invalid card number

  4. My phone was stolen today and I would like to block my cellphone app on that phone. 24 Helpline not helpful at all. Transferred me to a department that was already closed.

  5. I have a business and everything we use runs trough FNB including our speedpoints. At the moment not one is working, and after hours technical support is probably sleeping as it goes to voicemail every single time. Will definitely not use FNB at our new business we are opening. Horrible service

  6. Hi my name is M. Mariah. I am trying to get hold of someone in the deceased estate sept to querie about my late husband bank account. Pls can someone call me on . Thank you

  7. Hi there
    I called this number 0875759404 numerous times today to reverse an unauthorized debit order, when I called they told me call after 4pm they offline, then again I called they told me after 5pm then I called again they told me after 7pm cause they still offline due to maintenance.
    They told me this line is opened 24hours to reverse an unauthorized debit order, now when I’m calling no answer.

  8. Hi… I want to reverse my debit order since i canceled the contract but they have debited. What must i do?

  9. Hi
    Please provide me with a email address or contact number for expired card, i need a new card to be sent to me since im not close to a branch.

    1. The number is 0875750000

      Operating hours are

      07:00 – 19:00 (Monday – Friday)
      08:00 – 14:00 (Saturday)
      08:00 – 13:00 (Sunday)
      Closed on Public Holidays

  10. Please can I have the number to call, I changed my phone and now I cant access the banking app, i need to have my new phone connected.

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