How to Get SMS Notifications from FNB

Are you interested in learning how to get SMS notifications from FNB? In that case, we will show you the quick steps for doing it in this article. FNB is one of the most popular South African banks. It currently has over 11 million customers. Many of these will be looking to get notified when transactions occur on their accounts. That could be withdrawals, deposits, debit orders and other transactions. SMS notifications are important for security reasons. But how do you turn them on?

How to turn on FNB Alerts

The following is how to get SMS notifications from FNB;

  1. You can turn on SMS notifications using the FNB online banking portal. To get started, you need to Log into your account and go to Alerts. Click on Category in Alerts. Choose from the available Alerts.
  2. Alternatively, you can set up FNB alerts through the bank’s mobile app. Log into the app and click on More. Next, open Alerts. From there, you can switch on Push Notifications. Choose the type of notifications that you wish to get.

Alternatives for those looking to get SMS notifications from FNB

That’s how to get SMS notifications from FNB. In this post, we showed you how to do it using online banking. But what alternatives are there? Perhaps you have not signed up for internet banking.

In that case, you need to visit your nearest FNB bank branch to get them to switch on SMS banking on your behalf. They will be able to help you there.

Am I charged anything?

Some of the banks that are out there will charge you for SMS alerts. But that is not the case with FNB. The good news if you bank with this bank is that SMS alerts come free of charge. You may be charged by your network for receiving SMSs.

Why are SMS notifications important?

So far in this article, we have shown you how to get SMS notifications from FNB. But why are SMS notifications important? We noted at the top that this is something that you need to turn on for security reasons.

There is a lot of fraud taking place in South Africa. We have previously shown you how to to increase limits on FNB. Limits are another security measure that banks implement to prevent fraud.

The thing with SMS notificatiosn is that they give you notice whenever something important happens on an account. If money is withdrawn, you get notified. Should you not be the one who has made the withdrawal, then you can quickly alert your bank so that they can stop your card or block your account.


  1. Why all of a sudden after years I don’t get a sms after I’ve spend over a R100 (R110) at any Supermarket ?
    Ronnie Ackermann.

    1. We have been getting similar reports from other people. Maybe something is broken with their systems. Please reach out to FNB directly to get help.

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