How to Report a Lost FNB Card

Are you looking for information on how to report a lost or stolen FNB bank card? FNB is one of the big banks in South Africa. In South Africa, they have over 8.8 million clients. If you are one them, you will have a card that you use for your transactions. The fact that you are here means you have somehow lost that card. Maybe you misplaced it or maybe it was stolen. A lot of that happens across South Africa on a daily basis. In the event that you lose your FNB card, you need to immediately take steps to report it and to stop it so it cannot be used by anybody else.

FNB lost card hotline

The following is how to report a lost FNB bank card;

  1. Call the FNB lost card hotline 087 575 9406. This number is toll free, meaning you can call it even if you do not have airtime in your phone. The number is available 24 hours a day.
  2. In the event that fraud has happened involving your card, you need to immediately call 087 575 9444.

How long should you wait?

So, how long should you wait before reporting a lost FNB card. The answer is; you should immediately lodge your report when you lose your card. Doing so ensures that you don’t fall prey to the many criminals who roam across South Africa.

How to block an FNB card

Those are the numbers that you can use to report a lost FNB bank card. The good news, should you fail to get through, is that you can block your card on your own.

This can be done through the FNB app. To stop your FNB card, simply log into the app on your phone. Next, go to Accounts. Click on the arrow to the right. Next, open My cards and then select the active card. Select Temporarily block my card and confirm.

How does FNB process these reports

In this article, we showed how to report a lost FNB card. But how does the bank handle your report? FNB has what it refers to as an incident reporting process. This begins with you calling the above numbers.

The agent who you speak to will ask for full details relating to your loss. After you have verified your identity, the agent will block your card. Stopping the card is important because it prevents your money from being stolen.

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  1. I tried for more than 4hrs to report the lost card on 18November 2023.No one answered the phone it kept on saying that i must hold the line and wait for the next available person to help me…..still no one helped me.from 7pm to23h40.Why is FNB encouraging us to report lost card any time immediately only to wait and wait for the promised help that is not available.I am very angry and disappointed

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