Absa Call Centre Number

What is the Absa call centre number? Absa is one of the biggest banks in South Africa. They offer a wide range of products, from retail banking to insurance. Absa currently has over 10 million customers. It’s not surprising, therefore, that a lot of them will be looking for the bank’s contact details. So, what is the Absa customer care number? In this article, we give you that information along with alternatives way of contacting Absa.

Absa customer care number

The following are the Absa call centre numbers;

Query typeCall Center NumberEmail
Fraud0860 557 557absa@absa.co.za
Complaints0800 41 41 41actionline@absa.co.za
Lost Absa card0800 111 155absa@absa.co.za
Digital banking (International)08600 08600absa@absa.co.za
Personal banking0860 008 600 (general)
0860 109 085 (premium)
Credit cards0860 109 085 (Premium)
0861 114 411 (Gold)
Retail International banking and forex0860 151 151
+27 (0) 11 335 4019
Business0800 227 592corporate@absa.card.co.za
Car insurance0860 111 630absa@absa.co.za

Alternatives to the Absa call centre number

Those are the Absa call centre numbers. As you can see, Absa has an extensive list of contact numbers. The one that you use is going to depend on the nature of your query. But what if you fail to get in touch using the numbers that have been given above?

The great thing is that there are a lot of alternative ways through which you can reach out to Absa. Each of the numbers outlined above comes with an email that you can use to get in touch with Absa.

You can also reach the bank on their social media platforms. They are available on Twitter and Facebook. The great thing about these platforms is that responses are fairly fast. You will be semi-chatting to someone. It’s not as live as is the case with a call, but it’s still pretty good.

Why look for the Absa call centre number?

We have already noted that Absa is a very big bank. A lot of people try to reach out with different queries on a daily basis. To do that, you need the Absa customer care number. You also need the alternative contact details given in this article.

One thing to note is that most people look to contact Absa to report lost bank cards. Perhaps you have signed up for SMS notifications. That’s a great way of always having an eye on what is happening on your account. Should you suspect fraud, you also need to immediately contact Absa.

There are many more reasons for getting in touch with Absa. We have already noted that you can reach out using the call center number or via social media. Social media tends to be great in that they can then direct you to the correct number that you can use to call to have your particular issue resolved.


  1. Hi have to wait 45min and to be switched off several times. First call @12.55 waited 43min second call @13.04 waited 45min then disconnect from your side. Tried to call third time and my airtime was depleted. Frustrating Now I have no more air time. Called policy line 0860111665

  2. Deceased estates do not answer their phones. Gives a message that they have an emergency, and you need to phone later.

  3. Disgraceful service from people who clearly hate their jobs.

    Credit Card division: 0861462273 Time of call 21: 22 23/11/2023

  4. Absa stop charging me unauth Dr bal fee. As i don’t know what it is for. Bring my money back. This has been going on for months now. What nonsense is this!.

    1. Good day. According to Absa, this fee is charged if your account goes into a negative and if you do not have an overdraft facility. What is probably happening is that you have some charges that you are not accounting for when withdrawing your money. Is it a salary? If yes, then you need to leave some money in your account for charges. It’s something that a lot of people have complained about over time. You need to contact the bank to find out the monthly charges on your account. If they are untenable, you may want to move to a cheaper account or to a cheaper bank

    1. You can try to reach them on other platforms, such as on Twitter and on Facebook. You can also visit a nearby Absa branch to get help

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