Wesbank Call Centre Number

What is the Wesbank call centre number? Wesbank is a division of FNB. They specialize in vehicle and assert finance and insurance. You are probably here because you have taken a vehicle loan or insurance with Wesbank. In that case, a time may come when you need to get in touch with the bank. One way of doing so is through the Wesbank customer care number. In this article, we will also give you alternative ways of getting in touch with the bank.

Wesbank customer care number

The Wesbank call centre number for existing clients is 0861 888 272. You can also call (021) 764-3545 for personal loan account enquiries. If you are a new customer, the number to call is 0861 137 137

Other Wesbank Contact Details

That’s the Wesbank call centre number. For account enquiries, you can reach these numbers between 8 am and 8pm from Monday to Sunday. But what happens if you are unable to get through? The good news is that there are alternative ways of contacting Wesbank customer care;

  1. For enquirings about your account, you can send and email to service@wesbank.co.za.
  2. If you are a new cleint, you should send an email to finance@wesbank.co.za.
  3. Wesbank is also available on Twitter. They will answer your questions on the platform.
  4. You can also get answers to your questions on the Wesbank Facebook page.

Why get in touch with Wesbank

In this article, we gave you the Wesbank call centre number. But why would you wish to reach out to this bank. It has already been noted that Wesbank is a vehicle finance bank.

Perhaps you have an enquiry relating to your account. Or maybe you are a prospective customer looking to get more information before opening an account with Wesbank.

Whatever your reasons, the good news is that there are a host of ways through which you can get in touch. Calling the number given in this post is great because it means you will be talking to a real person. The other options are also great for getting your issues resolved.

You may also be interested in the FNB 24 hour call centre number.


  1. I have requested Wesbank to send me my late husband’s Natis document. The account was paid up four months ago.

    They said I must email the necessary documents, I did. They said it will be sent in 48 hours but till today I have not received it.

  2. I’ve Deregistered my car that is no longer in motion. I asked Wesbank to deregister my car and i was asked to pay a deregister fee and i did. Years later the car is not Deregistered

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