Standard Bank Call Centre Number

What is the Standard Bank call centre toll free number? It’s a question that we have been getting from a number of people in recent days. Standard Bank is the biggest bank in South Africa in terms of what is referred to as tier 1 capital. Though they trail behind Capitec in terms of the number of clients, they do have a very big capital base. If you are one of the people and businesses that bank with Standard Bank, you may be looking for their customer care number.

Standard Bank customer care number toll free

The Standard Bank call centre number for personal banking queries is 0860 123 000. Meanwhile, the business call centre number is 0860 109 075. These numbers are toll free, meaning you can call them even if you do not have airtime in your phone.

Alternatives to the Standard Bank call centre number

That’s the Standard Bank call centre number. There are different numbers to call depending on whether you are a retail banking client or a business client. But what if you fail to get through on these numbers? The good news is that there are alternatives to the Standard bank customer care number;

  1. If you are outside South Africa, you can make personal banking queries by calling +27 11 299 4701. For business queries from outside the country, call +27 11 299 4633.
  2. Personal customers also have the option to email Standard bank using the address; Meahile, business customers can use
  3. If you have lost your Standard Bank card, then you will find the correct contact details in the provided article.
  4. It’s also possible to reach Standard Bank on social media. You can get in touch with them on Twitter and on Facebook.

Why contact Standard Bank?

That’s the Standard bank call centre number. But why would you reach out to the bank on their customer care number? There could be any number of reasons for doing so?

For most people, the major reason for wanting to get in touch is because they wish to report lost Standard Bank cards. Others do so after noticing suspicious activity on their cards. It happens a lot in South Africa, where bank fraud is on the rise.

There are other reasons why you would need to get in touch. Maybe you have a question relating to your account. Whatever your reasons, the good news is that there are many ways through which you can get in touch with Standard Bank in South Africa. You can also reach them from abroad.

We have an article in which we talked about how to activate your Standard Bank card for international travel. You may want to get in touch if you need help in this regard.

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