Tyme Bank Call Centre Number

What is the Tyme bank call centre number? TymeBank is what is referred to as a virtual bank. They don’t have physical banking halls. The advantage of this that the bank is able to cut down on costs. It means customers get more when they bank with Tyme bank. It’s the reason why over 4 million South Africans have chosen this bank. If you are one of them, a time may come when you need to get in touch with Tyme Bank. To do that, you need the Tyme Bank customer care number. So, what is it?

Tyme Bank customer care number

The Tyme Bank call centre number is 0860 999 119. This is a 24 hour number, meaning you will be able to talk to an agent during the day and at night.

Alternatives to the Tyme bank call centre number

That’s the Tyme bank call centre number. But what happens in the event that you are unable to talk to customer care on this number. It can happen for a number of reasons. Maybe there is congestion on the number and you are unable to get your call through. The fortunate thing is that there are several alternative ways through which you can get in touch with Tyme Bank;

  1. If your query relates to lost cards, you can call them on 0860 999 118. We have previously written on how to block a Tyme bank card. Its important to do so early for security reasons.
  2. If you are calling from outside the country, then the international helpline number is +27 11 243 9188. If you have lost your card while abroad, the number to call is +27 11 243 9142.
  3. For credit card enquiries, the number to call is 0861 007 250.
  4. It’s also possible to get in touch with Tyme bank using their customer service email address; service@tymebank.co.za.
  5. You can also chat with Tyme bank on WhatsApp. Their number is +27860999119.
  6. Tyme bank is also available on Twitter. Feel free to send them a message on the platform.
  7. They also have a presence on Facebook, where you can make your queries.

Why get in touch with Tyme bank

In this article, we gave you the Tyme bank call centre number. We also gave you numbers for specific queries that you can use to reach out to the bank. Also provided was an email address and social media addresses with which you can reach Tyme bank. But why would you need to contact the bank in the first place?

This is something to which we have already referred. A lot of people get in touch after losing their bank cards and after noticing suspicious activities on their cards. We have an article in which we talk about enabling SMS notifications on Tyme bank.

They are key to staying informed about what’s happening on your account. Should you notice suspicious activities, then you should quickly notify Tyme bank to ensure that your account is blocked. That way, you won’t loose that much money.

Some people also reach out to Tyme bank with commonplace queries, such as how to open a bank account or how to add a beneficiary on the app. There are many more reasons why you may wish to do this. The good news is that there are plenty of ways through which you can reach out to Tyme bank.


  1. Hello my tyme bank has accepted a debit order that I never did agree on so can u guys help me to reverse my debit orders and cancel because I have been trying but I cant.
    Phone number 0840133642.
    My ID no: 9012055392084

      1. I been trying endlessly to get through to a consultant on the customer centre nr to no avail and getting frustrated as I am a current Tyme Bank client and need to change the contact nr attached to my account to access on my app on my new phone nr…

        My name is Mark

    PHONE NUMBER 061 351 6691

      1. You do not have a 24 hour call centre number as advertised. I need debit orders reversed again. In my recorded call with the agent she clearly stated all debit orders from the specific company will be blocked regardless if the amounts, that fid not happen again.

  3. Three debit orders just went off on my account and I don’t even know it. Rectify please. I keep on phoning but ai don’t get a reaction.

  4. Someone hacked my account and buy vooucher what can i do so that he/she wont have access to my account

  5. Hi my name is gugu why do we have to suffer of getting an statement even if i try sending to my email still its does wanna come through

  6. My account was blocked it the second week now I can’t access my own money I called many times till I run out of airtime but no one is able to help me.

  7. After numerous emails and trying to phone the numbers given to contact tymebank no calls is made. This is frustrating

  8. I have a problem with my pin, it is blocked and I don’t know why and how. Can you help me with it??

  9. Useless Call center ever in the world, incompetent consultants. Since I requested documents of my late brother’s estates for the past 4 weeks. Useless these ones you’ll never get a response.

  10. This bank is becoming useless 😪 how can I get help, don’t tell me about social media or helpline were I have to buy a lot of anytime to get hold of you guys. What’s your toll free number?

  11. Name AT Motaung
    ID 7306155867082
    I’ve just found out that my srd grant has been used to purchase a voucher of R350
    withoutmy concern
    I’m having my phone and your card with me
    Help please

  12. I have been customer with Tyme bank about 6 months saving with you I have never experienced such disgusting customer service in my life.Where called customer care centre sent from pillar to post with no assistance.Will never recommend this bank to anyone “Rubbish” that word for this bank.
    What cancel contact me on 7777777

  13. Good afternoon

    I experienced a problem with my Thyme bank card which was ultimately blocked.

    I approached staff at Pick and Pay Fourways informed me that I should go to Markhams, Jet or Sportscene to look for a consultant to attend to me.

    Firstly I find that an insult to my intelligence and integrity to be looking for a consultant to assist me, this is not acceptable.

    Which bank does this to their clients and why am I a 58 year old expected to go and look for someone to assist me, in different stores, was this what I as a customer should accept or is this how clients are treated?

    I did not open my account running after consultant they approached me so now that the bank has grown we as clients are disrespected.

    I find this disgusting and appalling to the last bit.

    Please repair your machines and have assistants available for clients.

    I look forward to hearing from you and hope this is sorted out soon.



  14. Most useless bank ever. My wife cannot conclude vehicle finance because they are not responding to the request to validate the transactions on her bank account.

    The consultant just told me now that accounts support is ‘at the back, far’ and they do not have phone numbers.

  15. Good day – my name is Pamela Ressel – ID 5111270073. I am trying to add a card on my app but the cvc changes every minute and it won’t accept it or send me a pin
    Can you please help –
    I was on the phone for 30 minutes and then got cut off and the email address is not recognised – don’t know how else to contact you

  16. Good day

    How do I get a current bank statement to date because the app only gives you the ones for previous months?

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