Capitec Call Centre Number

Are you looking for the Capitec call centre number? Capitec is the biggest bank in South Africa in terms of customer numbers. They currently have over 16 million clients. The bank may not be the largest in terms of capital, but they have certainly become the biggest retail bank in South Africa. If you are one of their clients, you may be looking for the Capitec customer care number. So, what is it?

Capitec Customer Care Number

The 24 hour Capitec call centre number is 0860 10 20 43. That’s the number to call should you need to get in touch with the bank at any point in time.

Alternatives ways of getting in touch with Capitec

We have just given you the Capitec bank call centre number. Most people prefer to call because it gives them the opportunity to talk to a real person in real time.

It means you have a better chance of getting your issues resolved. But what happens in the event that you have failed to reach Capitec on the customer care number? Fortunately, there are other ways through which you can get in touch with the bank;

  1. You can visit your nearest Capitec bank branch to have your issues resolved.
  2. It’s also possible to reach the bank using their email
  3. Capitec is also available on social media. You can chat to them on Twitter and on Facebook.

Why contact Capitec on their call centre number

So, why would you look for the Capitec call centre number? There are many reasons for doing so. We have previously talked about how to report a lost Capitec bank card.

Should you lose your card or notice suspicious activities on your account, it may be prudent to report this to Capitec as quickly as is possible. That’s the reason why they have a 24 hour customer care number.

Perhaps you wish to reach out to Capitec in relation to increasing your card limit. That’s another reason for wanting to reach out. Or maybe you wish to activate your card for international use.

Whatever your reasons, the good news is that it’s very easy to reach out to Capitec. And the alternative methods that we gave here should mean that you will never be stranded.

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