How to Increase Credit and Debit Card Limit on Capitec app

Do you wish to find out how to increase your Capitec credit or debit card limit? Capitec is probably the fastest growing bank in South Africa. One thing that you will note as a customer is that there are limits on how much you can spend on some transactions per day. As an example, there is a limit on the daily ATM withdrawal amount. There is also a limit on the daily POS purchase amount. You are here because you wish to increase those limits. So, how do you do so?

Steps to increase your Capitec card limit

The following is how to increase your Capitec credit and debit card limit via the app;

  1. Sign into your Capitec App. Use your remote PIN to do so.
  2. Next, click on Cards.
  3. Choose the card whose limit you wish to increase. This can be a debit or credit card.
  4. Select Update permanent limits or Set temporary limits.
  5. Update your limits from the defaults. Limits are set for cash withdrawals, card machine purchases and online/telephone/mail purchases.
  6. Click on Update.
  7. Agree to the terms and conditions
  8. Click on Accept.
  9. Enter your remote PIN and click on Confirm.
  10. Your limits will now be updated. You will get an SMS informing you about the changes to your daily limits.

What are the default Capitec card limits?

The following are the default Capitec bank credit and debit card limits;

TransactionDaily limitMaximum temporary limit
Cash withdrawalsR5 000R10 000
Card machine purchasesR50 000R1 000 000
Online/scan to pay/phoneR50 000R1 000 000
Tap to payR1000

Temporary and permanent Capitec bank card limit increases

In this post, we showed you how to increase your credit card limit on Capitec. It was noted that you have the option to do a temporary increase. You can also do a permanent increase. A temporary increase is only valid for a single day.

This may be useful if you only need to increase the limit so you can make a purchase. Perhaps you wish to pay for a car or for another big item. In that case, you can increase the limit to as much as 1 million Rand on a temporary basis. You will then be able to make your purchase.

Other options to increase your Capitec card limit

In this article, we focused on showing you how to increase your credit and debit card limit for Capitec bank using the app. However, you can also do this via online banking. Alternatively, you can visit your nearest Capitec Bank branch to have your limit increased.

Why are there limits on cards and transactions?

Now that we have shown you how to increase your credit and debit card limits on Capitec bank in South Africa, it’s time to interrogate why there are limits in the first place? What are limit’s for?

In the first instance, banks place limits as a way of managing cash flows. Should people want to withdraw all their money as cash in a single day, as an example, the banks would run out.

Secondly, limits are there to protect you. With so much card fraud taking place, limits are there to ensure that you do not lose too much money. Let’s say someone has stolen your card and PIN. In that case, they will only be able to withdraw money up to the daily limit.

You should then receive notification on your phone that money has been withdrawn. We have an article on how to enable Capitec SMS notifications. You can then take steps to report your Capitec bank card so it can be blocked. So, limits provide protection to a bank’s clients.

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