How to Block a TymeBank Card

Do you wish to find out how to block a TymeBank card? Tyme Bank has been growing a lot over the past year. Today, it has over 5 million customers. All of them are attracted by the high interest rates that are offered by the bank. As a TymeBank client, a time may come when you need to block your card. Perhaps the card has been stolen. Should this happen to you, it’s important to quickly stop your card to ensure that it does not get used by criminals.

How to stop a Tyme Bank card

The following is how to block a TymeBank card;

  1. Log into internet banking or sign into the Tyme Bank app.
  2. Click on My Profile.
  3. Open Manage cards.
  4. Choose the card you wish to block.
  5. Click on Temporarily lock card.

You can call TymeBank to get your card blocked

Another option when you notice that your card is missing is to call Tyme Bank. The number to use is 0861 007 250. They will help you by blocking your card.

It’s also possible to get your card blocked by visiting a nearby PicknPay or Boxer store. You can use the kiosk in these stores to block your card and print a new one.

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What if I later find my card?

That’s how to block a TymeBank card. We have already noted that it’s essential to do so if your card has been lost or stolen. But what if you later find your card? Perhaps it was hiding somewhere in your purse. In that case, you can unlock the card by following the above steps.


In this article, we showed you how to block a TymeBank card. We noted that you need to do this in the event that your card has been lost or stolen. Blocking your card means it will no longer be possible for thieves to use it. The good thing is that should you later find your misplaced card, you can very easily unblock it.

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  1. Hi guy i have be hacked by someone on tymebank group on Facebook now they open tymebank with my Id no now they using my tymebank account to transfer all their money they frauding to the people i have all the messages they send yesterday in the morning

  2. Please give me a number that works to block my card. I have phoned 6 numbers already and no one helps me. Thanks

  3. I was scammed yesterday, money went out of my account, 5 times from the same fraudsters. I blocked my card. Do I need to get a new card and account number? I cannot get hold of anyone on the phone numbers that are provided

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