How to Buy Electricity Using Standard Bank

Do you wish to learn how to buy electricity using Standard Bank? This article will show you how to do it using the app and using the Standard Bank USSD. The great thing about modern banking is that you can carry out a wide range of activities right from you phone. That’s possible with online and cellphone banking. You are here because you wish to purchase an electricity token. How do you do it with Standard Bank?

How to buy electricity using the Standard Bank app

The following is how to buy electricity using the Standard Bank app;

  1. Sign into your Standard Bank app.
  2. Launch the Pay icon to the top right of the screen.
  3. Choose Buy prepaid.
  4. Click on Electricity.
  5. Choose the account that you will be using to buy electricity.
  6. Click on Amount.
  7. Next, click on Sent Voucher to and enter you phone number. The voucher will be send to you through SMS.
  8. Enter you phone number.
  9. Click on Meter Number and provide you meter number.
  10. Click on Review.
  11. Finally, click on the Confirm button.

How to buy prepaid electricity using Standard Bank cellphone banking without the app

Standard Bank customers who do not have the app can still purchase electricity tokens from their phones. All that you need to do is to sign up for mobile banking. The following is how to buy an electricity token on Standard Bank without the app;

  1. Dial *120*2345# on the phone for which you are registered for Standard Bank mobile banking.
  2. Follow the prompts to buy electricity.
  3. The token will be sent to your phone via SMS.
  4. Load the token onto your meter.

You can buy electricity with or without the app

That’s how to buy electricity in various ways. We have shown you how to do it via USSD and through the app. The USSD option is great because you don’t need to have the app on your phone.

You can buy electricity using even the feature phones that have seemingly come back into fashion in recent years. So, it’s a great option for all people.

It can only work, however, if you are registered for cellphone banking. That allows you to bank on the go from a phone. Cellphone banking uses USSD and will work even on a phone that doesn’t have internet.


In this article, we showed you how to buy electricity using Standard Bank. We gave you two options for buying. You can do it with the app or without the app. Both options are convenient because they allow you to buy electricity from you phone. You no longer need to visit your bank or an outlet selling electricity to buy a token.

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