How to Enable SMS Notifications on TymeBank

Do you wish to find out how to enable SMS notification on TymesBank? Tyme Bank is what is referred to as a digital bank. It doesn’t have physical branches. That’s meant to save money, which benefits the bank’s customers. If you are one of the over 5 million South Africans who bank with Tyme Bank, you may be looking to get SMS notifications for transactions that are carried out on your account. This is a security measure. It makes it easy for you to know when someone has stolen your money.

Get SMS notifications Tyme Bank

The following is how to enable SMS notifications on TymeBank;

  1. Log into the Tyme Bank app.
  2. Go to Communication Settings.
  3. Make sure the toggle switch on SMS is enabled.

How much do SMS notifications cost?

That’s how to enable SMS notifications on TymeBank. Unfortunately, SMS notifications are not free. They used to be, but now they are no longer pushed to your device free of charge.

Today, you get charged 30c for each Tyme Bank SMS notification that is sent to your device. That’s not too much, considering the level of security that you get when you switch on Tyme Bank SMS notifications.

You can also enable push notifications

Not only do you have the option to enable SMS notifications on TymeBank. You also have the option to turn on push notifications. These are available only if you have the Tyme Bank app on your phone.

Push notifications are great because they are free. However, you will need to teach yourself to check them out. Otherwise, you could miss important notifications.

Is it important to enable SMS notifications on TymeBank?

How important is it to enable SMS notifications on TymeBank? The answer is it’s very important. There is a lot of theft going on in South Africa. Having SMS notifications means you will get informed each time a transaction happens on your account.

We have an article in which we talked about how to increase your Tyme bank limit. Limits are another protection measure used by banks. Should someone withdraw money in your account without your knowing, they can only do so up to the specified amount. From there, you will get an SMS notification and you should be able to block your card.


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