How Much to Open an FNB Account?

How much do you need in order to open an FNB account? FNB is a popular destination for those looking for banking services in South Africa. You are here because you wish to join the bandwagon and you are wondering what the minimum account opening deposit is at FNB. That’s the question that we are going to answer in this post. We will also provide you with the FNB monthly service fees on accounts.

What is the deposit fee when opening an FNB account?

The amount of money that you need when opening an FNB account varies depending on the type of account that you are opening. FNB offers a number of accounts that are tailior made for different type of people in South Africa. Most of these accounts do not charge a monthly service fees. The following are the minimum deposit amounts when opening FNB accounts;

Account typeMinimum deposit amount
FNB Easy ZeroR0
FNB Easy SmartR0
First Business Zero R0
FNB Fusion AspireR99

As you can see in the above table, the FNB Easy Zero account costs R0 as deposit fees. You also do not get any monthly charges. The same applies for the FNB Easy Smart account and First Business Zero account.

However, the FNB Fusion Aspire account charges R99 per month as fee. So, you need to keep some money in the account.

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That’s the answer to the question how much do you need to open an FNB account in South Africa. We noted in this article that most accounts do not have minimum deposit amounts.

They also do not not have monthly charges. That makes FNB unique. Other banks like Capitec have monthly charges.

They also have minimum deposit amounts, meaning you have an amount that you need to keep in your account to keep it active.

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