How to Claim Lotto Winnings from FNB

Do you wish to find out how to claim your Lotto winnings from FNB? Each week, millions of people across South Africa play Lotto in the hope of turning their lives for the better. Chances of winning are low, but still, a few lucky people make it. A lot of people use their banks’ digital channels to play lotto. We have previously written on how to play Lotto using the FNB app. You can also play using USSD and through the bank’s online banking portal. But after winning, how do you get your winnings?

How to get lotto winnings from FNB

The following is how to claim Lotto winnings from FNB;

  1. If you have won money that is below R250 000, your winnings will be automatically deposited into your FNB account within 7 days.
  2. For winnings that are over R250 000, you will need to contact Ithuba directly to get your money. FNB will notify you that you have won and they will tell you where you need to go to get your money.

How can I contact Ithuba?

That’s how to claim you Lotto winnings from FNB. We noted earlier that this article applies to those who have played using one of the FNB channels, such as through the app.

We also noted that if you have won money that is above R250000, you will be required to reach out to Ithuba to get it. But how can you contact Ithuba? You can use their number 0800 484 822. This number is toll free if you are calling from a landline.

What do I need when collecting my earnings?

For earnings that are deposited into your account, you don’t need to verify who you are. However, for money that needs to be collected from Ithuba offices, you will have to provide proof of identy.

That’s includes your ID. It will also include the reference number that you will have gotten via SMS after winnings.

What if my account has been closed?

We noted that earnings below R250000 are deposited into the winner’s account by FNB. But what if the account has already been closed.

FNB will try to contact you at least 3 times. Should that fail, they will keep your money in a suspense account for a year. After that, the money will be returned to Ithuba.


In this article, we showed you how to claim your Lotto winnings from FNB in South Africa. A lot of people now play lotto using their banks apps. FNB is one of the banks that offer this service.

If you have won money that is below a quarter of a million Rands, the money will be deposited into your account within 7 days. If your winnings are more than this, you will need to reach out to Ithuba to get your money.

Here is how to send a please call on an FNB connect SIM


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