How to Claim Lotto Winnings from Standard Bank

Do you wish to learn how to claim Lotto winnings from Standard Bank? A lot of South Africans have taken to playing Lotto on digital platforms. Standard Bank is one of the banks that allow people to play Lotto using the app, through online banking and via USSD. You are here because you played using one of these channels and you have managed to beat the odds. Now you wish to collect your winnings. So, how do you do so?

How to get your Lotto winnings from Standard Bank

The following is how to collect Lotto winnings from Standard Bank;

  1. For winnings below R50000, Standard Bank will deposit your money into your account.
  2. If your winnings are over R50000, you will have to collect your money at your nearest Ithuba office.

Will I be notified when I win?

That’s how to claim Lotto winnings from Standard Bank. How you get your money depends on how much you have won. But does Standard Bank notify people who have won?

The answer is yes. Should you win after playing via USSD or on the app, you will get an SMS from Standard Bank notifying you that you have won. This SMS will be send to you within the space of 2 days after the draw.

But what will be in the SMS? The SMS will contain a reference number and a contact number that you can reach out to for more information. It will also give you a date when you can expect your winnings to be paid.

What documents do I need when collecting my money from Ithuba?

In this article, we showed you how to claim your Lotto winnings from Standard Bank. This article covers those who played Lotto using the Standard Bank app and via USSD.

We noted that amounts over R50000 will have to be collected from Ithuba offices. But what do you need to get your money? You will have to present the following documents when you go to claim your money;

  • Your ID.
  • The reference number that you got via SMS.
  • A bank statement from Standard Bank going back one month.

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This article was dedicated to showing you how to claim Lotto winnings from Standard Bank. You are one of the lucky few people who win lotto, and you are here to learn how you can collect your winnings.

We showed you in this article that the collection process is not that complicated. Amounts less that R50000 are deposited into your account, which those above R50000 have to be collected from Ithuba offices.

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  1. Hi all
    I have made a powerball purchase online via the mobile app the payout which I received was r32 according to the payout I was suppose to get r1589 and neither ithuba or standard bank has done anything and it was for the 8th off this month and now 12 days on and nothing done about it

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