How Much To Open a Capitec Account?

How much do you need to open a Capitec account? Capitec, the largest bank in South Africa in terms of customers, continues to grow. A lot of people are attracted to this bank by its favorable interests and conditions. But what is the minimum deposit amount when opening a Capitec account? It’s something that you will be wondering about if you wish to open a Capitec account.

What is the miminum amount to open a Capitec account?

It costs absolutely nothing to open a Capitec account. However, the bank charges a monthly admin fee on most accounts. You will need to have this amount in your account every month to keep it active. This fee varies depending on the type of account that you wish to open. Some Capitec accounts also have miminum balances that need to be maintained to keep the account active.

Capitec bank monthly admin fee and minimum balances

That’s the answer to the question how much does it cost to open a Capitec account. We noted that it doesn’t cost anything to open an account. It’s the reason why you can open an account online. Having said that, there is a monthly fee that is charged on accounts. There is also a minimum balance on some accounts. The table below shows what these figures are;

Account TypeAdmin fee per monthMinimum balance
Transactional accountR7R30
Flexible savingsR0R0
Fixed-term savingsR0R20 million

Here is how to register the Capitec app


In this article, we answered the question how much to open a Capitec account. It was noted that Capitec does not charge any fee to those people who are opening accounts.

It’s for this reason that you can open an account online. However, there is a catch. Capitec does charge a monthly service fee on some accounts.

Here, we are mainly focusing on the transactional account, which is the one that most people focus on. On that account, you are charged R7 per month as a service fee.

You also get a minimum deposit account. In this case, that’s R30. It’s the amount of money that needs to be maintained in your account at all times. You can only withdraw this money in the event that you now wish to close your Capitec account.

What time does Capitec close?

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