How to Deactivate FNB Tap to Pay

Do you wish to learn how to deactivate FNB Tap to Pay? It’s a question that a lot of people have been asking. Like all the major banks in South Africa, FNB offers the tap-to-pay facility, which allows you to quickly make payments without having to enter your PIN. The feature is meant to bring convenience to people. However, a lot of South Africans find it worrisome that someone can quickly make payments from their cards without a PIN. It’s the reason why so many look to disable this feature.

How to disable Tap to Pay on FNB

Unfortunately, FNB does not allow people to deactivate the tap to pay feature on their cards. In fact, FNB is the only bank in South that does not give customers a way of opting out of pay-to-pay.

Why disable FNB Tap to Pay?

That’s how to deactivate FNB tap to pay? We noted in the above section that FNB is the only bank in South Africa that does not allow you to disable this feature. But why would you wish to deactivate tap to pay in the first place?

One of the major reasons for wanting to do so is security. South Africa is not the safest of places, and the banking sector is a major target for criminals. Tap to pay makes it easy for criminals to use stolen cards. As long as a person does not exceed the limit, they do not need to enter the card PIN.

There have been instances of criminals making multiple transactions that are just below this threshold. The result is that many items can be purchased and the owner of the card may not even notice that their card is being used by an unauthorized person.

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In this article we showed you how to deactivate FNB tap to pay. We noted that FNB is the only bank in South Africa that does not allow deactivation of this feature. We also not that tap to pay is all about convenience. It’s a great way of ensuring that you are able to make quick payments.

However, most people worry that tap to pay can be used by criminals. Should your card be stolen, a person will be able to tap to pay for goods and services as long as they do not exceed the maximum amount.

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