How to Reset Tymebank PIN

Do you wish to learn how to reset your Tymebank PIN? Tymebank is unique in South Africa because it doesn’t have physical bank branches. That can make sorting out administrative issues such as resetting your PIN and getting a statement a bit of a challenge. Fortunately Tymebank has made it easy to resolve some of these issues. So, how do you reset your PIN?

Steps to reset your Tymebank PIN

The following is how to reset your Tymebank PIN;

  1. You can reset your Tymebank PIN on your phone using the SmartApp. Open the app and go to Forgot your login PIN. You will be required to type in your ID. You will also need to have your phone nearby. Tymebank will send you an OPT that you can use to login and change your PIN.
  2. Another option is to reset your Tymebank PIN at a Kiosk. Choose Login and type in your ID. Next, click on Login with PIN. Choose the I have forgotten my PIN option. Complete the remaining steps to reset your PIN.
  3. You can also reset your PIN online. Go to the Tymebank reset credentials page and click on either Reset Password or Reset Login PIN

Call TymeBank

That’s how to reset your TymeBank PIN. It’s not a difficult thing to do. All you need is to have your ID number and the phone with which you registered for Tymebank banking.

With that, you will be able to reset your PIN in a few minutes. But what do you do in the event that the above steps have failed to work? In that case, you will need to call TymeBank. You can do so on 0861 007 250. They will help you reset your PIN.

Find the TymeBank call centre number

Why learn how to reset your Tymebank PIN?

We have already noted that it’s very easy to reset your Tyme Bank PIN. But why would you want to do so? Your PIN is important because you use it to access a number of banking channels. As an example, the PIN is used when withdrawing money from an ATM.

You may be looking to do a reset because you have forgotten the PIN. That’s usually the most common reason why people land here. If you have not used it for a time, chances are high that you will end up forgetting your Tymebank PIN.

That’s common these days because we all have so many PINs and passwords that we need to memorize. Perhaps you have other bank accounts, and maybe you have other account. It can be difficult to remember all these PINs. That’s the case because we are advised not to write down our PINs.

Another reason why you may be looking to do a reset could be if you think your PIN has been compromised. In that case, it’s very important to immediately reset the PIN to stop yourself from falling prey to thieves.

Here are the requirements for opening a Tymebank account


  1. I lost my login pin and password so i need another pin so that i can fetch my card because till now i didn’t fetch my card and i lost pin so please help me

  2. My uncle pin says it locked we need to reset pin, the problem is that we tried to do so but this face thing gave us the problem nd we called the 0860 number they told us they can’t help because he disabled he can talk or hear and his finger print got problem if you require it we must take him to home affairs first to verify the finger print which is long process because we need to hire car to take him there nd go all this places in that case what we should do? My granny his mother is worried now and she’s old to 84yrs she can’t go up nd down

    1. This Face Yhing Is A Problem, Me Too I’m Struggling With It Been Trying For 2 Months And The At PNP Ke Machine Is Always Out of control… That’s Sucks 😒

  3. Guys I didn’t lost or forgotten my pin Code this app of ur just automatically blocked my Account 🤨🤨 this is unacceptable….

    1. Tymebank must sort out their app on their system, this is uncalled for really, they block everything anytime..
      I just have to cancel this account 😑, Noways

  4. I tried to use same one app to log in and at tymebank they blocked my pin saying that ifrod and I called the call center

  5. I’ve blocked my card while am checking my balance via dialing with my phone and when I call your service I didn’t get any respond and am was trying to log in with tymebank app.still you have service problem

  6. I forgot the email address I put when I was opening my tymebank account so they can’t help me because of that security reasons what can I do please help I need to unlock my account

  7. I opened the tymebank account for my brother using online it was successful the problem is he forgot his pin than he tried to download the app when he reach the step of doing selfie it doesn’t proceed there it only went back ,how can he reset his pin

    1. Maybe he needs to try from a different phone? In any case, get in touch with Tyme Bank directly for help. Try their social media pages.

  8. How can i login my tymebank app without OTP number because I lost sim card that is linked to my account so I can’t login because i wont receive OTP number

  9. Tried helping my sister to reset her password as she forgot what her password is . Called customer service they telling us we need to go to the website to do so . We failed to succeed while following the steps .this is really annoying. What’s the use having this account , cause customer service had to help reset it for her while being on the phone asking them for help . Ridiculous i should really say .

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