How to Get Bank Statement on FNB App

Do you wish to learn how to get a bank statement on the FNB app? FNB is one of the big banks in South Africa. Customers used to go instore to get bank statements. However, that is no longer necessary. It’s something that you can still do, but there is a better way of getting your bank statement. You can get one using the bank’s app and through internet banking. But what are the steps for getting your statement from the app?

Steps to get your bank statement on the FNB app

The following is how to get your bank statement on the FNB mobile app;

  1. Log into the FNB app.
  2. Scroll down and click on Statements.
  3. Choose the account for which you need a statement.
  4. Pick the statement that you would like to download.
  5. The statement will be downloaded onto your phone.

Why do you need to get a bank statement from FNB?

That’s how to get a statement on the FNB app. But why would you need a bank statement? There are a number of reasons why people look for bank statements.

Maybe you wish to open an account with a retailer. Most will ask you to give them a 3 month bank statement. The same applies when signing a lease. You will be asked to produce a bank statement.

Companies such as DSTV also demand that you provide bank statements. The same applies for many other companies that are out there.

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This article was dedicated to showing you how to get a bank statement on the FNB app. We noted in this post that it’s now easier to get FNB apps using the app. You no longer need to visit your nearest branch to get a statement. You only need to download one using the app. In fact, you can get a stamped statement this way.

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