How to Check My Capfin Loan Balance

Do you wish to find out how to check your Capfin loan balance? This article will highlight how it’s done. Capfin is popular as a provider of affordable short term loans in South Africa. You are here because you have already taken a loan and you have been making your repayments. Now you are wondering how much you still owe. Perhaps you wish to clear your Capfin loan. So, how do you see how much you still owe Capfin?

Steps to view your Capfin loan balance

The following is how to check your Capfin loan balance;

  1. You can use the Capfin loan USSD code to check your balance. Dial *134*6454# on your phone and follow the prompts.
  2. Another option is to check your balance on the Capfin website. Open the link and click on Login on the page that appears. If you have already registered, click on Login. You will then be able to log in using your South African ID.
  3. If you have not registered, click on Register. Enter your details, including your name, surname, ID number, cellphone number and Email. Proceed with the next steps to get registered.
  4. Once you have logged into your account, your balance will be displayed on the screen.


In this article, we showed you how to check your Capfin loan balance. It was noted that there are two ways of doing this. You can check your balance via USSD, or you can do so by logging into the Capfin online portal.

There are a number of reasons for wanting to check your loan balance. Perhaps you wish to get an additional loan and you are wondering how much you still owe. Or maybe you wish to simple settle your account.

Most people are not comfortable remaining in dept. They thus try as much as is possible to settle their accounts before their due. If you fall into this bracket, you will be happy to know that you can check your loan balance at any time so as to make the necessary payments.

How to apply for a Capfin loan online

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