How to Register for Capitec Cellphone Banking

Do you need information on how to register for Capitec cellphone banking? Capitec has grown over the years to become the biggest bank in South Africa by user numbers. Not even Standard Bank comes close in this regard. There are many reasons why Capitec is so popular. One of these reasons is the availability of digital banking tools that make life easy for Capitec customers. USSD cellphone banking is one such tool. It’s something for which every Capitec customer needs to sign up. But how do you do it?

How to Register for Capitec USSD banking

The following is how to register for Capitec cellphone banking;

  1. Visit a nearby Capitec bank branch. Registration can only be done at a branch. It cannot be done on the app or via USSD.
  2. You need to carry along required documents and items as outlined below.
  3. Tell support at the branch that you wish to register for cellphone banking.
  4. Once registration is done, you will have access to your account using the Capitec Cellphone banking USSD.

What are the requirements for registering for Capitec cellphone banking?

That is how to register for Capitec cellphone banking. You need to visit a nearby branch to get it done. We noted in the above section that there are a number of items that you are required to bring. But what are these items?

  • You need to bring along your phone. This is the phone whose number you will be using for cellphone banking. Make sure that the number is registered in your name. It should also be the same number that is associated with your Capitec account.
  • It’s also important for you to bring along your Capitec bank card when registering.
  • Another item that you should bring along is your South Africa ID card or your passport. You may be asked for these items as part of the registration process.

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What do you get with cellphone banking?

Cellphone banking is one of the amazing inventions of the modern age. Most people have a cellphone in one form or the other. In South Africa, about 92% of the population has cellphones.

The good thing about USSD cellphone banking is that you do not need to have a smartphone in order to use it. That’s because USSD works on any type of phone.

It means wherever you are, you will have access to your bank account. This access reduces the need for you to visit a nearby branch each time you wish to get something done. But what can you do with cellphone banking?

  • View your account balances
  • Pay bills
  • View your previous transactions
  • Send money
  • Get your statements.
  • Manage tap to pay for your cards
  • Block your card in the event that you have lost it
  • Approve Debicheck
  • Set up SMS notifications for transactions on your account
  • Transfer money
  • Buy electricity
  • View previous tokens
  • Buy airtime and data


This post was dedicated to showing you how to register for Capitec cellphone banking. It was noted that cellphone banking, which uses USSD, is a great innovation that allows anyone with a cellphone to access their bank account from any part of the country. You don’t need data on your phone to make it work. Once you have registered, you can carry out a wide range of transactions, including checking your balances and transferring money.

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