How to Change Phone Number on Capitec Bank Account

Do you wish to learn how to change the phone number on your Capitec bank account? That’s something that a lot of people have been looking to do. Having the correct details for your bank account is crucial as far as access and security are concerned. The phone number is particularly important because it’s intimately linked to your account. With the era of cellphone and mobile banking, you need to have an up to date number to be able to use your account.

Steps to change your phone number with Capitec

In order to change the phone number on your Capitec bank account, you need to visit your nearest bank branch. That’s the only way through which this can be done. You cannot update your phone number on the Capitec app or in any other way.

Why change your cellphone number on Capitec?

That’s how to change your phone number on your Capitec bank account. Unfortunately, it can only be done inside a branch. A lot of people have been looking for ways to do it using the Money App, but that’s not possible. But why would you look to change your number in the first place?

Most people look to do it after changing their numbers for one reason or the other. Admittedly, not many people change their numbers, but should you find yourself in that situation, you will need to update your details with Capitec.

If you also do a SIM swap, you may need to update your details. A lot of people also port to other networks. That may also require that you change your details with Capitec.


In this post, we showed you how to update the phone number that is linked to your Capitec account. It was noted that this cannot be done on the app. In order to do it, you need to visit you nearest Capitec branch. They will be able to help you there.

We also gave some of the reasons why you may find yourself having to change your bank account number. Capitec has the most number of customers of any bank in South Africa, and a lot of these people find themselves having to do this.


    1. Please follow the steps outlined here to change your number, ie, visit a nearby branch. There is currently no other way through which to change your number

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