How to Link Paypal to Absa Account

Do you wish to learn how to link Paypal to your Absa account in South Africa? Paypal is the most popular payment platform across the globe. With a lot of South Africans either working online or moving abroad, it’s not surprising that demand to use the Paypal service has risen so much, particularly on the back of the Covid 19 pandemic. In order to effectively use Paypal, you need to link it to your bank account. Doing that allows to move money between your bank and Paypal. But how do you connect your Absa account to Paypal?

Steps to connect your Absa account to Paypal

To get started, you will need to create an FNB online banking profile for non FNB customers. In South Africa, FNB is the only bank that handles Paypal withdrawals. If you wish to make payments, you can connect any bank card directly to your Paypal account. That includes Absa cards. But to receive payments and to transfer them to Absa from Paypal, you need the FNB online banking profile. The following is how to link Paypal to your Absa account;

  1. Go to the FNB website and click on Register at the top.
  2. Choose the Register PayPal for non FNB customers option.
  3. Follow the next steps to create your online banking profile.
  4. Once you have created your account, you will be able to link your Absa account to Paypal. To do this, log into your FNB online banking profile.
  5. Go to Forex.
  6. Click on PayPal.
  7. Choose Link now.
  8. Add your Absa card. This is the card into which you will then be able to withdraw money from Paypal.

Can I link my Absa account to Paypal?

A lot of people have been asking, can I link my Absa account to Paypal. We have already given the answer above. To repeat, yes, you can link your Absa account to Paypal.

The process may be a bit intricate, but it’s something that anyone should be able to handle. We have already noted the major complication, which is that Paypal only links directly to FNB in South Africa.

So, if you are not an FNB customer, you need to create an FNB banking profile in order to be able to transfer money into any bank account.

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This article was dedicated to showing you how to link your Absa account to Paypal. We highlighted that yes, this is something that can be done.

A lot of South Africans have been asking about it. Though Paypal only directly links to FNB in the country, you can create an online FNB profile to which you will then be able to connect your Absa account.

That way, you can then withdraw money from your Paypal account into your Absa account.

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