How to Change your Capfin Phone Number

Do you wish to get information on how to change your Capfin phone number? We will show you what to do in this article. Capfin is very popular among South Africans who are looking for affordable short term loans. One of the things that you will provide when getting a loan is your phone number. This number is the one on which you can do such things as checking your loan balance. You are here because you have gotten a new number and you wish to update those details with Capfin.

How to update your number and other details on Capfin

In order to change your Capfin phone number, you need to call 087 354 0000. One of the company’s consultants will help you. You will be asked to verify your identity as part of the process.

Why would you change your number?

That’s how to change your Capfin phone number. But why would you take this step? In reality, there are a lot of people out there who are looking to change their numbers.

    Perhaps you have moved to another network. Or maybe you lost your number. Some people make the mistake of registering for services using numbers that are not their own.

    If you fall into this bracket, you may encounter a problem in the event that you have lost your phone. You will not be able to replace the SIM. This forces a lot of people to move to other numbers.


    In this article, we showed you how to change your Capfin phone number. Capfin is one of the biggest short term lenders in South Africa. As a customer, your account will be linked to your phone number. If you have changed your number, you will want to update the changes on your Capfin account. You will also want to do this with all your accounts with other service providers.

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      Im trying to login but this is still under my old cellphone number, is there anyway to change my number so i cant receive the otp

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