How to Cancel Nedbank Credit Card

Do you wish to find out how to cancel your Nedbank credit card? Nedbank is one of the big banks in South Africa. We have previously written on the Nedbank credit card requirements. You are here because you no longer wish to keep the credit card that you got from this bank. Perhaps it’s because you have moved on to another bank. Or maybe it’s because you have had a revelation and you have now decided that you are going to stay away from credit cards altogether. A lot of people do this after falling into debt. So, how do you get rid of your Nedbank South Africa credit card?

How to close Nedbank credit card

The following is how to cancel your Nedbank credit card;

  1. Call Nedbank on their number 0860 555 111.
  2. You can also approach your nearest Nedbank branch for help cancelling your credit card.

Why cancel your credit card?

That’s how to cancel your Nedbank credit card. But why would you do this? It’s something to which we have already alluded. A lot of people get into trouble because they do not properly manage use of their credit cards.

For many, getting one is an excuse to spend as much as is possible within a short space of time. As a result, people who take this approach end up in severe debt. That’s not something that you should allow to become your own fate.

You have the option to block your card

Cancelling your Nedbank card is a rather drastic step. According to the bank, once you have cancelled a card, you will not be able to reactivate it. So, that’s something to take into consideration.

If you simply wish to temporarily disable a card, perhaps because you have misplaced it and you fear it has been stolen, there is the option for you to stop that card. Find out how to stop a Nedbank card in this article.

You will need to settle your debt before cancelling

In this article, we showed you how to close your Nedbank credit card. But the thing to note here is that cancelling is no panacea for your debt. You will not be able to cancel your credit card before clearing what you owe.

So, it’s an actual process. But once you have cleared all your debts with Nedbank, they will allow you to get rid of your credit card. Hopefully, you have now become wiser and you now understand that credit cards need to be treated with a lot of caution. They are good, but they can quickly become a liability.


  1. It seems it is to bankrupt me.

    So, if I can cancel it off before I can use even a single cent from it.

    Many thanks

  2. It seems it is going to put me in bankruptcy.

    So, if I can cancel it off before I can use even a single cent from it, I will be glad.

    Kind Regards

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