Nedbank Credit Card Requirements

What are the Nedbank credit card requirement? Nedbank is one of the major banks in South Africa. At the moment, they have over 7.5 million customers. If you are one of them, you may be looking to apply for a credit card. Credit cards are very popular among South Africans. They allow you to make purchases on credit, with payments being spread over time. So, if you wish to apply for a Nedbank credit card, what are the requirements?

What do I need to apply for a Nedbank credit card?

The following are the Nedbank credit card requirements;

  1. You need to be over 18.
  2. Only people living in South African can apply.
  3. You should have a valid South African ID.
  4. If you are a foreigner, you need to have a passport and a valid work permit.
  5. Your credit score needs to be good.
  6. You should earn at least R5000 per month before tax.
  7. You will need a payslip going back 3 months. Alternatively, you can present a bank statement going back 3 months.

Where can I apply?

Those are the Nedbank credit card requirements? In general, these requirements are similar for all banks in South Africa. But where can you apply for a Nedbank credit card?

The good news is that you have several options here. You can apply for a Nedbank credit card online. You can also do so at your nearest Nedbank branch. To apply online, you need to be signed up for online banking.

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Available Nedbank credit card options

Nedbank offers a number of types of credit cards. The Nedbank credit card requirements are going to be slightly different depending on the type of credit card that you opt for.

The first type is the Nedbank Gold credit card. This one attracts an R40 monthly service fee. You get up to 55 days interest free.

The second type of credit card is the Nedbank Platinum credit card. This one is for people earning a minimum of R29000 per month. You will be charged at least R90 per month as a service fee.


In this post, we showed you the Nedbank credit card requirements. It was noted that Nedbank is a popular South African bank. A lot of the bank’s customers take out credit cards. In order to qualify for one, there are some requirements that you are going to have to meet.

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  1. Nedbank Gold credit card will be good for me .and I want to apply it how can I do from now .

  2. I currently have no credit score due to the fact I haven’t taken credit in a long time. Nedbank’s recommendation to build the credit score is to apply for a credit card, I follow the links and I’m declined because I don’t have a credit card. Now I may not be the smartest but is this truly the thinking of our financial professionals? Am I the only one who thinks it’s a joke?

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