How to Close Absa Credit Card

Do you wish to learn how to close an Absa credit card? You are here because for some reason, you are fed up with your Absa credit card. Usually that happens when, after a long struggle with debt, you have finally managed to clear what you owe. Now you no longer wish to keep the temptation that is represented by credit cards. In any case, the fault is usually yours for failing to manage use of your credit card. Or maybe you have moved to another provider. But how do you cancel your Absa credit card?

How to cancel Absa credit card

The following is how to close your Absa credit card;

  1. You can close your credit card at your nearest Absa branch.
  2. It’s also possible to get help cancelling your credit card by calling 0861 462 273.
  3. If you wish to close your Absa account as part of the process, you will have to visit your nearest Absa branch.

You will have to settle your account first

That’s how to close your Absa credit card. We have already noted that a lot of people take this route after getting tired of being in debt due to unwise use of credit cards.

One thing to note is that you will not be able to cancel your Absa credit card before settling your debt. So, if you are in debt, you are not going to run away from that.

You will need to pay up first before closing your account. It’s something to remember when applying for a credit card. It may seem good to have all that credit at your disposal, but you will need to pay it back at the end of the day.

How much is instant payment at Absa

You can stop your Absa credit card instead of cancelling it

In this post we showed you how to close your Absa credit card. That option is for those who no longer need the card altogether. If you simply wish to temporarily disable the card, what you need to do is to stop the card.

Here is an article showing you how to stop an Absa credit card. Stopping the card is a good option, if as an example, you have lost the card. If you later find it, you can always reenable the card.

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  1. Good afternoon

    My husband passed away on 24 July 2023.
    The following week I duly notified his ABSA BANK at ABSA SQUARE in Nelspruit, having to produce his death certificate and ID card. They informed me his bank accounts would be sealed.

    All my husband’s relevant documents, including bank statements, are at present with the executed of his estate.

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