Where Can I Withdraw Absa Cash Send?

Where can I withdraw Absa Cash Send? It’s a question that you will be asking yourself if you have received money this way. Absa Cash Send is one of the most popular money transfer services in South Africa. Alternatives include Standard Bank Instant Money and Capitec Cash Send. Mobile money transfer has been growing in popularity over the past few years, a development that has seen South Africa catching up with the rest of the continent. So, now that the money has been send to you via Cash Send, where can you collect it?

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According to Absa, Cash Send money can only be withdrawn from an Absa ATM. You cannot do it from retail outlets such as PEP, Checkers, Shoprite or any other store. That’s a big limitation, considering that other money transfer services allow for withdrawals from a wide range of places.

You shouldn’t have trouble getting your money

That’s the answer to the question where can I withdraw Absa Cash Send. We noted in this article that this money can be collected from Absa ATMs.

You cannot get it from some of the most popular retail stores in South Africa, including PEP and Checkers. Absa does have a wide range of outlets around the country, so it shouldn’t be a problem getting your money.

There are many collection points out there. The only challenge is that with Absa, collection is only at one of their ATMs. One thing about mobile money is the ease with which it can be accessed. Previously, some places in South Africa were off the grid and could not be serviced as far as banking was concerned.

Many South Africans live in remote places that do not have banking facilities. Mobile money is good because it democratizes banking by making it accessible to people wherever they are. Even the most remote of places will have a Checkers or a PEP store somewhere not too far away.

It means even those that do not have bank accounts can have no difficult accessing their money. That’s a great thing for the large number of unbanked South Africans. So, this is something that Absa needs to look into.

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This post was dedicated to answering the question where can I withdraw Absa Cash Send. It was noted that collection is only at an ABSA ATMS. It cannot be done anywhere else, according to Absa. That makes it something of a challenge. It’s probably better if you live in a remote place to have the money send another way.

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  1. Am even considering to switch banks for merely having a limited mobile money outlet range… Not cool Absa

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