Can I Withdraw Absa Cash Send at Checkers?

Can I withdraw Absa Cash Send at Checkers? It’s something a lot of people have been asking. Absa’s CashSend is one of the popular mobile money transfer programs that can be found in South Africa. The country has been catching up with mobile money transfers, which is all the rage across other African countries. With Cash Send, you can send money to people in various parts of the country without them needing to be Absa customers. All that they need to have is a South African phone number. But is Checkers one of the outlets where you can withdraw Absa cash send?

Does Checkers have Cash Send?

According to Absa, money that people receive via Cash Send can only be withdrawn from Absa ATMs. You cannot withdraw Absa cash send at Checkers. That’s makes it difficult for people who have received money this way to get cash. If you do not live near a place where there is an Absa ATM, you will have difficulty getting your money.

Which other outlets offer Absa Cash send facilities?

That’s the answer to the question can I withdraw Absa cash send at Checkers? You can only get your cash from one of the banks’ ATMs. We noted that Absa is one of the many outlets that offer mobile money transfers.

Money transfers this way are great because they democratize banking. That’s essential for South Africa, where some people live in remote areas that are far from traditional banks.

With mobile money transfers, a person can send and receive money no matter where they may be in the country. The good thing is that they don’t need to have a bank account, as we have already noted above.

All that is needed is a valid and active South African mobile phone, and almost everyone in the country has that. Money is send to the number, which acts as a digital wallet.

Getting this money can be done at many retail outlets around the nations. The great thing is that no matter how remote a place may be, there is usually a big retail store somewhere nearby. There are also people acting as money transfer agents. So, it’s easy to get your money.

But other than at Checkers, where else can you collect your money? There are many other outlets, as we have just noted. You don’t have to worry about not being able to withdraw your money. The following are the Absa cash send collection points.


In this article, we focused on answering the question, can I withdraw Absa cash send eWallet at checkers? It was noted that Checkers is not one of the retail outlets in South Africa where Absa cash send money can be collected. The good thing about that is that there are many such places, making it easy for people around the country to collect the money that they receive this way.

How to deposit money at an Absa ATM

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