Does Mr Price Open on Sundays?

Does Mr Price open on Sundays? A number of people across South Africa have been asking about this. Mr Price is one of the biggest clothing retailers in the country. They offer affordable prices, which is why they are so popular among middle to lower income South Africans. You are here because you wish to visit a nearby Mr Price on a Sunday and you are wondering whether or not the outlet will be open.

Does Mr Price close on Sundays?

Most Mr Price stores open on Sundays. Their operating hours vary depending on the location of the outlet. The majority of Mr Price stores open at 0900hrs on Sundays. Some close at 1400hrs while others close at 1700hrs.

Why do outlets have different operating hours

That’s the answer to the question does Mr Price open on Sundays. We noted that many of the Mr Price outlets in South Africa open on this day. Their operating hours are, however, different. But why are there these differences.

The reason why different outlets have different operating hours on weekend has to do with their location. If an outlet is located in a very busy place, then, chances are high that operating hours will be longer on Sundays.

As an example, at Blue Route Mall in Cape town, the operating hours for Mr Price on Sundays are 09:00hrs – 17:00hrs. That’s because this place is very busy on all days. Meanwhile, Mr Price at Mr Price Mafikeng Mega City operates from 09:00-14:00 on Sundays.

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This article was dedicated to answering the question does Mr Price open on Sundays. It was noted that the company’s retail outlets mostly open on Sundays. The operating hours are different based where the store is located. Stores that are located in busy places are likely to remain open for longer than those that are located in places that are less busy.

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