How to Activate FNB eWallet

Do you wish to learn how to activate FNB eWallet? It’s something that a lot of people have been asking about. FNB is one of the largest banks in South Africa. They have millions of customers, a lot of whom use the eWallet service. With this facility, you are able to send money to anyone in South African, as long as they have a phone number. People do not need to be FNB customers in order to receive this money. Once you have received money via FNB eWallet, you will need to activate your eWallet to be able to access and use it. So, how do you do this?

Steps to activate eWallet on FNB

The following is how to activate FNB eWallet;

  1. Dial *120*277# on your phone.
  2. Follow the instructions to activate the service.
  3. If you do not have airtime in your phone, dial *130*277#. You can buy airtime using this code.
  4. Once the service is activate, you will then be able to withdraw your money.

How long do I have to activate FNB eWallet?

That’s how to activate FNB eWallet. We noted above that you need to do this to be able to access the money that has been sent to you. If you do not activate eWallet, then you will not be able to use the money or to withdraw it.

So, what if you choose to ignore the message that you have received telling you to activate eWallet? What happens then? Does it mean FNB will seize your money.

In reality, you have 12 days in which to activate eWallet. If you do not do the activation within this time, the money that you have received will be sent back to the sender.

Who is eWallet for?

eWallet is one of the most popular mobile money transfer services in South Africa. Other banks have their services. A good example is Standard Bank, which has Instant Money.

All these services are great, because they allow people to send money to people without the recipients needing to open bank accounts.

The only thing that is required for a person to receive eWallet is for them to have a South African number. The number then acts as a bank account and it is into this that the money is deposited.

FNB’s eWallet service is great because it brings banking to millions of South Africans who do not have bank accounts. It allows people to receive money wherever they are in the country. Here is an article on where to withdraw FNB eWallet.


In this article, we showed you how to activate FNB eWallet. It was noted that this service is used by millions of FNB customers to send money to people around the country. The people receiving the money do not need to be FNB account holders.

Once money has been sent to you, you need to first activate eWallet in order to access it. Activating the service is easy and it can be done on your phone. We also noted that mobile money transfer services such as eWallet are good for including every South African in banking.

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