How to Withdraw Absa Cash Send from an ATM

Do you wish to learn how to withdraw Absa Cash Send? We have previously written on where you can withdraw money that is send to you via Cash Send. It was noted in that post that this can only be done at an ATM. That’s a huge limitation. Other mobile money transfer services allow for the withdrawal of money from various retail outlets. An example of this is Standard Bank’s Instant Money. In any case, you are here to learn how you can collect Absa cashSend from an ATM.

How to withdraw CashSend eWallet from an ABSA ATM

The following is how to withdraw Absa Cash Send from one of the bank’s ATMs;

  1. Go to an Absa ATM and click on CashSend withdrawal.
  2. Choose the CashSend withdrawal option one more time.
  3. Enter your 10 digit withdrawal number and click on Next.
  4. Confirm the number by clicking on Yes.
  5. Enter the access code or PIN and click on Next.
  6. The ATM will now give you the money.

What do you need when collecting your money?

That’s how to withdraw Cash Send at an Absa ATM. Note that Absa also calls it eWallet. But what do you need in order to collect your money?

You need to have your Cash Send voucher and PIN. These are items that you receive when somebody sends you money. You don’t actually need to have an ATM card.

Remember it’s possible to send people money this way even if they are not even Absa customers. All that is required is a South African ID and you should be good to do.


In this article, we showed you how to withdraw cash send from an Absa ATM. We noted that Cash Send has the disadvantage of allowing withdrawals only at Absa ATMs. That’s makes it something of a challenge. The post also showed you how to withdraw money from an Absa ATM. It was seen that the process is very easy, but you need to have your voucher and PIN.

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  1. I think this is really not cool that people you want to cash send money to can only do this by only been able to go a Absa bank to withdraw money. Why is the big question? What if there is no Absa Atm where ever they are and need money urgently?

    But actually not surprising thiugh that some transactions with Absa will always be different. You should really be a step ahead to other banks but you are not.

    You are always advertising about the “future” of banking , well in which millennium does your “future” for customers fall.

    1. True it’s a major shortcoming. With Standard Bank, as an example, you can get your money from most retail outlets. Same with Capitec. But for Absa, it’s only at their ATM.

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