Can I Withdraw Absa Cash Send from Shoprite?

Can I withdraw Absa Cash Send from Shoprite? It’s a question that a number of people have been asking. Cash Send, also referred to as Absa eWallet, is one of the mobile money transfer services that can be found in South Africa. Using this facility, you can send money to anyone across the country. All that you need to have is their phone number. The people receiving money via Cash Send dont need to be Absa customers. They also do not need to have accounts with any other banks. So, is Shoprite a CashSend agent?

Can you collect CashSend money from Shoprite?

You cannot withdraw Absa Cash Send money from Shoprite. Neither can you withdraw from any other retail store. The only place where you can collect your money is at an Absa ATM. Absa is limited in this regard. Other money transfer services allow withdrawals at a wide range of retail stores around South Africa.

You need to find an Absa store near you

That’s the answer to the question can I withdraw Absa cash send from Shoprite. We noted in this article that you cannot do this. CashSend money can only be withdrawn at an Absa ATM.

We have already noted that this is rather limiting. With other services, such as Standard Bank’s Instant Money, withdrawals can happen at a wide range of places, including at retail stores such as Shoprite and Checkers.

It makes Absa Cash Send less than ideal when sending money to people in remote parts of the country. South Africa still has a large unbanked population. About 20% of people in the country remain unbanked, according to information at hand.

In fact, even some of those who have accounts live too far from banks to get service. This is where mobile money transfer services come into play. They remove the need for people to travel long distances to be able to withdraw their money.


This article was dedicated to answering the question can I withdraw Absa Cash Send from Shoprite. It was noted that it’s not possible to do so. Cash Send, also referred to as eWallet, can only be withdrawn from an Absa ATM. That makes this service a bit difficult if you are sending money to people not near Absa ATMs.

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