How to Check Absa Cash Send Balance

Are you looking for information on how to check your Absa Cash Send balance? Absa CashSend is one of the most popular money transfer services in South Africa. The country is on the right track as far as mobile money transfer is concerned. With this service, you can send money to anyone across the country, without them having to be Absa account holders. So, is there a way of checking your CashSend balance?

Absa cash send balance check

If you have received money via Absa Cash Send, you can check your balance by asking the sender the amount that they have sent you. There is no way of checking your balance directly from your end. Cash Send is not a separate eWallet service. Meanwhile, if you are the sender, the money that is sent out to people is debited directly from your account. There is no cash send wallet for which you can check your balance.

Why Absa Cash Send is important

That’s the answer for those looking at how to check their Absa Cash Send balance. We noted that there is no Cash Send wallet. All the money that you send out comes from your normal accounts. If you wish to find the money in your account, you can do so the normal way. Here is how to check your Absa account balance.

But why is Cash Send important? South Africa has somewhat lagged behind as far as mobile money is concerned. The great thing about Absa CashSend is that it allows Absa customers to send money to people across South Africa. These people do not have to be Absa customers. Cash Send works by sending the money to a cellphone number.

With 20% of South Africans remaining unbanked, Cash Send is important. There are alternatives out there, including Standard Bank’s Instant Money and Capitec’s Send Cash. All these services allow you to send money to anyone who has a phone number.

The one major shortfall about Absa Cash Send was highlighted in our article on the Absa Cash Send collection points. It was noted that this money can only be withdrawn from an Absa ATM. That’s different from Standard Bank’s Instant Cash, where withdrawals can be done at any of the many retailers across South Africa.


In this article, we covered how to check your Absa Cash Send balance. It was noted that if you are the one who has received the money, there is no way of checking your balance.

You will have to get that information from the person from whom the money came from. They will tell you how much they sent.

You will actually seen the amount that has been sent to you when you redeem it at an Absa ATM. That’s because there are no partial withdrawals. You will get all the money that you received at once.

It was also noted that if you are the sender, there is no actually Cash Send wallet. There is also no way of check your balance. Money is taken from your accounts when you initiate a CashSend transaction.

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