How Long Does Absa Cash Send PIN Last?

How long does the Absa Cash Send PIN last? It’s something that you will ask yourself if you have received money this way. When somebody creates an Absa Cash Send, they are asked to come up with an ATM withdrawal PIN that will be used to collect the money. If you are the one creating the CashSend, you will need to give this PIN, which has 6 digits, to the person to whom you are sending money. The beneficiary will also get a 10 digit withdrawal code via SMS. With the PIN and the code, they will be able to get their money. But how long does the PIN last?

When will the Absa Cash Send PIN expire?

The Absa Cash Send PIN lasts 30 days. After this, the entire transaction will be cancelled and the money will be deposited back into the sender’s account.

You have 30 days in which to collect money that is send to you

That’s the answer to the question how long does Absa Cash Send PIN last. We noted that you have an entire month in which to collect your money if you have received money this way.

It should be enough time for everyone. In fact, most people will collect their money within a day. It’s difficult to imagine a situation where you will be forced to wait 30 days without being able or willing to get your cash.

One Challenge for Absa’s Cash Send is that CashSend can only be collected from an Absa ATM. We have previously written on Standard Bank’s Instant Money which is a different service altogether. With Instant Money, you can collect your cash from a wide range of retail outlets.

That’s not the case with Cash Send. You can only withdraw from an Absa ATM. A lot of people have been asking, can I withdraw Absa Cash Send from Shoprite. It was noted in that post that it cannot be done.


In this post, we answered the question how long does the Absa Cash Send PIN last? It was noted that the PIN lasts 30 days, after which the entire transaction will be reversed if Cash Send Money has not been collected.

One thing to note is that mobile money transfer has taken South Africa by storm. It allows money to be sent to different parts of the country without the beneficiaries needing to open bank accounts first. All that they need are South African phone numbers.

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