Umvuzo Health Waiting Period

What is the Umvuzo Health waiting period? Umvuzo Health is one of the most popular medical aid solutions providers in South Africa. Like every other insurance company that’s out there, they impose a waiting period before which new members cannot access benefits. We will discuss the reasoning behind these waiting periods later in this post. So, how long do you need to wait before you can access benefits from Umvuzo Health?

Waiting period for Umvuzo Health

The Umvuzo Health waiting period is generally 3 months. You will need to wait that long before you can start accessing most benefits. However, the waiting period can be up to 12 months for some conditions, such as pregnancy.

Why does Umvuzo Health have waiting periods?

That’s the waiting period for Umvuzo medical aid scheme. One thing to note here is that health insurance waiting periods in South Africa are generally 90 days, so Umvuzo Health is not unique in this regard.

It’s also a fact that maternity waiting periods tend to be longer. You can check out our Hollard maternity waiting period article. But why do companies impose waiting periods in the first place?

Health insurance companies impose waiting periods as a way of protecting loyal members. Imagine what would happen if these periods were not there.

Very few people would bother joining health insurance schemes. A person that is fit would not bother joining in any case. They would only join if they ever got sick.

Then they would get treatment at everybody else’s expense, only to leave the moment they get better. So, waiting periods are necessary to avoid fraud. You need to contribute for a few months before you can start accessing benefits. You need to contribute for even longer before getting specialist services.


In this article, we answered questions about the Umvuzo Health waiting period. We noted that medical insurance companies impose waiting periods as a way of protecting themselves and their members. Without them, people would only join when they are sick.

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