What is the Waiting Period for Gems Medical Aid?

What is the waiting period for Gems medical aid? It’s something that many prospective Gems members have been looking to find out. Having medical aid is important. It allows you to get proper treatment in times of sickness. Otherwise you could end up in debt due to the bills that pile up when you or when someone close to you gets ill. Unfortunately, almost all medical aid companies in South Africa have waiting periods before which you cannot get treatment.

Gems waiting period

The waiting period for Gems medical aid is 3 months. Before this, you will not be able to access any benefits from the company. Note that for some conditions, waiting periods can be as much as 12 months.

Why does Gems impose waiting periods on new members?

That’s the waiting period for Gems medical aid. You may be wondering why Gems imposes waiting periods on medical aid for new members. The fact of the matter is that Gems is not alone in this regard.

Almost all medical aid companies in South Africa have waiting periods in one form or the other. The reason for this is to protect the companies and to protect their customers.

Imagine a world where there were no medical aid waiting periods. In that world, a person who has fallen ill could simply join a medical aid to get treatment.

After this, they would leave, have gotten their treatment at next to nothing. That would not be a viable way of running medical insurance. It’s the reason why there are waiting periods.

You need to be a member for a particular time before you can claim. If you have not been a member for that long, you will not get treated. Waiting periods are even longer for some conditions. One example is pregnancy, whose waiting period is more than the one outlined above.


In this post we gave you the Gems waiting period for medical aid. We noted that waiting periods are imposed as a way of protecting medical insurance companies and their customers from fraud. It was also noted that medical aid is important as a way of ensuring that you get proper treatment when you get sick.

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