Standard Bank to Capitec Transfer Time

What is the Standard Bank to Capitec transfer time? It’s something that a lot of South Africans have been asking about. Standard Bank and Capitec are two of the biggest banks in South Africa. Standard Bank is the biggest in terms of capitalization, while Capitec has the most number of customers. It’s not surprising, therefore, that there are a lot of transfers happening between the two banks. But what is the EFT transfer time between the two banks?

Standard Bank EFT transfer time to Capitec

The Standard Bank to Capitec transfer time is usually between 2 and 3 days. That time may be longer if the transfer is made on weekends.

What can I do to improve the transfer time?

That’s the time that’s needed to send money to Capitec from Standard Bank. You are probably here because you wish to speed up the time that it takes for money to be moved between the two banks. Is there something that can be done?

The good news, if you cannot wait, is that you can speed up the transfer of money from Standard Bank to Capitec by using their immediate payment option.

We have previously talked about the cost of immediate payments at Standard Bank. Immediate payments are great in that your money gets transferred almost instantly, which is what most people are looking for.


In this article, we gave you the Standard Bank to Capitec transfer time. We noted that it takes up to 3 days for money to reach your Capitec account from a Standard Bank account. In this instance, we were talking about Electronic Funds Transfers (EFTs).

It was also noted that there are options for those looking for speedier transfer times for their money. You can transfer your money between the two banks faster using immediate payments. You do need to pay a fee for this, but it’s usually worth the faster transfer times.

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