Absa to Capitec Transfer Time

What is the Absa to Capitec transfer time? Absa and Capitec are two of the biggest banks in South Africa. Capitec takes the crown as the bank that has the largest number of customers. It’s not surprising, therefore, that a lot of people from other banks are looking to transfer money to this bank. But how long does it take for money that is send from Absa to Capitec via EFT to get cleared? We are going to provide you with the relevant information in this article.

Transfer from Absa to Capitec clearance time

The Absa to Capitec transfer time is between 2 and 3 days. If you transfer money towards the weekend, you will have to wait even longer for it to reflect in the recipient account.

Is there a way of doing it faster?

That’s the Absa to Capitec EFT clearance time. You need up to 36 hours for money that is send from Absa to reflect in a Capitec account. That may be too much time for some people. In most cases, people will be looking to have their money transferred instantly. But is there a way of doing this?

The good news is that you can easily get money transferred from Absa to Capitec at a faster pace. All that you need to do is to choose immediate payments for the transfer. When you do this, money is transferred almost immediately. But you do have to pay a small Absa immediate payment fee.


This post was dedicated to showing you the Absa to Capitec transfer time. It was noted that transferring money from Absa to Capitec takes between two and three days. So, you need to be patient. Note, however, that you can opt to have money transferred quicker. In that case, you should use the instant payment option.

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  1. Money been paid in wrong account that is close need money back in to my absa account from capitec back to adsa

  2. My husband made an immediate payment from absa to capitec but uts not reflecting its been hours it does show that the money has been sent to the right acc number but on my app it’s not showing anything even on my bank card there’s nothing on his side it shows that it’s been sent to my acc what could be the reason

      1. I am waiting since Saturday for funds to arrive in my Absa account and the payment was made from Capitec on Saturday after 4pm. When will this funds be cleared and received into my absa account.

  3. Good day
    My uncle made 2 bank transfers on the 23 of last month from absa to capitec and the money is still not revlecting? The money is showing put of his account but not in mine yet.

  4. Is it possible to wait for 10 days for the money to reflect on my capitec account from absa international money transaction

  5. i get sent mobey Saturday afternoon from capitec and its monday, and the money hasn’t reflected on my account yet, why could that be

    1. It’s because Sunday is practically not counted as a day. So, if the money was sent towards the end of day on Saturday, you should probably count Monday as day 1

  6. My friend sent me money yesterday around 16:59 an it has not reflected yet. How long will it take the money to reflect on my capitec account.

      1. Money was sent yesterday at 17:05 from Absa to Captiec and it was immediate payment and I haven’t received anything till now

          1. Good Morning

            A payment was made to my account on Thursday around 17:00 today is Tuesday and it hasn’t reflected. Could the long weekend have an impact on this?

            The payment was from Capitec to Absa

          2. The delay could be because of the easter holidays. You will probably get your money either today or tomorrow

  7. Money was sent from absa to capitec on Wednesday around 15:35 its been more than 48hour and still nothing…all details are correct I did double check

  8. Afternoon, please assist someone sends me money on Saturday Absa to Capitec but up to now I haven’t get the money is there any problem?

  9. Hi they sent me cash on Thursday around 11am in the morning from Absa to Capitec Bank but the morning hasn’t reflected

  10. I received a payment from Absa to my Capitec account and I saw on Absa’s website that if the payment was made on a Saturday before or after 10h45 it would show the same day. However, right underneath that it says if the payment was made after 09h30 it will reflect the end of the next business day. It’s a bit confusing. My payment was made after 10h45 but technically also after 09h30. How does this schedule work? See table under the “Lead times” option: https://www.absa.co.za/self-service/tools-to-do-your-banking/online-banking/make-payments/

  11. Hey i have recevid a sms that the asba acc has payed money into my capitec acc but there is no money in my accound?

    1. Client should probably reach out to Absa. Or you can get in touch with Capitec to get the status of the transfer. Maybe they made a mistake on the account somewhere

  12. If a payment was done on Saturday after 3pm from Absa to capitec how long does it take to reflect? As the other party still didn’t get the funds

  13. Good day! I did an immediate payment from Absa to Capitec at 21:00 last night. Then 6:18am, I get the notification the transaction was successful. But it is almost midday but still nothing. Do I need to follow up with Absa/Capitec in this case? Or I must be patient? Thank you

  14. Goodmorning,someone send me money via absa on saterday to my capitec account ..still no payment received..is there a delay in capitec or absa

  15. The same thing is happening to me. Husband paid me in some money from absa to my capitec acc on Thursday night and still nothing in my acc. Phoned absa,they are of no assistance,phoned capitec they said absa did not release funds yet. But it is off from my husbands absa acc. What do I do now? Things need to be done but dont have money. This is also the longest that I have ever waited for cash to reflect from absa to capitec

  16. They have sent me money on thursday on the 14 of December 2023 still it not reflecting on my account …..what might be the problem

  17. Good evening.
    I need to find out my salary and bonus get paid on Friday 15th December at 12h45 from Absa to capitec its Sunday evening now and still not reflecting. Usually if I get paid on a Friday afternoon by Friday evening it’s reflecting. Is it because Friday the 15th was a public holiday

      1. If some transfered money from absa to my Capitec on a Tuesday it’s Friday money still not showing? Any advice coz he send me proof of payment?

  18. Hello I’ve made a payment on my hubby’s account from absa to capitec last week Friday but it was a holiday and I did receive a message from absa but it Thursday nothing in my account please help me admin I need to use that money

  19. My boss diposited money from absa teo my Capitec acc today before 9.30am and it’s Saturday how long should I wait for it to reflect

    1. Hopefully the money has arrived by now. Transfers made on Saturday and Sunday you need to start counting from Monday. It means you will get your money between Tuesday and Wednesday

      1. Hi i saw your message I got the same problem someone did send me money but it was on Sunday he done it from absa bank to capitec bank but I didn’t get anything yet it was Monday yesterday today is Tuesday so tomorrow is the 3th Day

  20. Hi, I sent money from Capitec to absa Friday around 7:30 pm. How many days will it take till i receive the money ?

  21. Hi. I did a payment on Saturday 16/3/2024 @ 11:18:16 from my ABSA account to my sons Capitec account. He is a beneficiary on my ABSA account. On Monday at 7H15 it has not reflected in his account. Please advise

    1. Hi, if it was not an immediate payment, the money will arrive most likely on Tuesday. It can take between 2 and 3 days for money to reach it’s destination and weekends do not count.

  22. A friend of mine sended me money from absa to capitec on Friday, so i just want to know how does it take

  23. Hello. Money was sent Friday 14:00 from Absa business account to capitec savings.
    It’s Monday, 23:00, no money.
    When will i get it?

  24. My brother payed money into my Capitec account on Thursday late afternoon from an Absa bank, today is Wednesday and I haven’t received any payment yet, can you tell me how much longer it’s gonna take

    1. On Thursday or Tuesday? If it’s Thursday last week, then he needs to reach out to Absa so they can track the money. If it was this Tuesday, then it’s still on the way

  25. I sent money on Friday around 18:23pm from my absa account to a capitec account(by the way it wasn’t an immediate payment). How many days will it take for the money to reflect on the capitec account?

  26. I sent money from absa to capitec on Friday around 18:30pm.When will the money reflect on the capitec account? It’s already Sunday and still the money has not reflected.

  27. My friend sent me money on Friday around 6 and today its Monday and the money has not yet reflected from absa to capitec

  28. Hi money was transferred from Absa to my Capitec account on Friday but still not reflecting on my side even today. It was a normal payment

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