Umvuzo Health Contact Details

What are the Umvuzo Health contact details? It’s a question that you will be asking yourself as a current or prospective customer. Umvuzo Health is one of the best known providers of health insurance in South Africa. Getting health insurance is important to avoid financial problems when you fall sick. You are because you wish to contact the company. What details do you need?

Umvuzo health medical scheme contact details

The following are the Umvuzo Health medical scheme contact details;

General, Claims0861083084
0600702094 (WhatsApp)
Suspensions &
Billings &
Active disease (oncology, renal) (spinal) (chronic)
HIV Registration and

Get in touch with the correct department

Those are the Umvuzo Health contact details. As you can see, there are a lot of departments. When getting in touch, you need to make sure that you are reaching out to the correct department.

The general enquiries number for Umvuzo Health is 0861083084. This is the number that most people will be looking for. It’s also the number for those looking to make claims.

That same number is also the one to be used by current members and for pre-authorizations. It’s also the relevant number for HIV registration and management.

How much is Umvuzo Health medical aid?

Umvuzo health is one of the most popular medical insurance companies in South Africa. The company offers a number of plans. These include the Standard, Activator and Ultra affordable, Supreme and Extreme plans.

The one that you choose depends on your income. If your income is below R9550 per, you can opt for the Ultra affordable value plan, under which you will have to pay R1632 per month for the main beneficiary.

How much does Absa charge for withdrawal?


In this article, we gave you the Umvuzo Health contact details. We noted that the general number is 0861083084. However, different departments will have different numbers. You should only call the general number or the specific number for the department that you wish to get in touch with. If you wish to get claims, then call the relevant number.

Here is the Umvuzo Health waiting period

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