Hollard Maternity Waiting Period

What is the Hollard maternity waiting period? Hollard is one of the major insurers in South Africa. They offer a wide range of products, from health to car and life insurance. You are here because you are wondering how long your will need to wait before you can claim pregnancy insurance from Hollard. We are going to show you the information that you are looking for in this article.

How long do pregnant women need to wait before they can claim from Hollard?

The Hollard maternity waiting period is 10 months. That’s how long you need to wait before you can claim maternity insurance from the company.

Why have a waiting period?

That’s the Hollard maternity waiting period. You may be asking yourself why there is need to have a waiting period in any case? Shouldn’t people start benefitting from medical aid the moment they join?

Unfortunately, that is not how insurance works. The average waiting period for insurance companies is usually 3 months. If you join today, you will need to wait that long before you can claim.

However, for maternity issues, the waiting period tends to be longer. We have previously talked about the Discovery Maternity waiting period. It was noted that with that particular company, the waiting period is 12 months.

So, Hollard is actually better in this regard. The waiting period is there to prevent insurance fraud. If there was no such period, a person would join today simply because they have some benefits that they wish to get. Maybe they are sick.

That would not work. Insurance works on the premise that the majority of people will not claim. The few who do so will then be carried by those that do not claim. If everyone were to claim, premiums would be very high.

In terms of maternity, the waiting periods are longer than normal because pregnancy can be very costly. We have previously discovered that the cost for maternity patients can go up to R60000. So, there is need for the longer waiting periods to ensure that a person will have contributed enough before accessing benefits.

Otherwise a pregnant person would join today and three months later, they will be accessing benefits, which is not a viable way of running insurance.

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In this article, we gave the Hollard maternity waiting period. We noted that you need to wait 10 months before you can access the company’s benefits for pregnant women. The reason for this is that maternity can be expensive, so the longer period is to ensure that there is not insurance fraud. You won’t access benefits if you join while already pregnant.

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