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What is the Outsurance contact number? How do I contact Outsurance? It’s something that a lot of people have been asking. Outsurance is probably the most popular insurance company in South Africa at the moment. They have definitely been doing it right as far as marketing on TV, radio and elsewhere is concerned. You are here because you wish to reach out to Outsurance. How do you do so?

How Do I Contact Outsurance?

The following are the Outsurance contact numbers;

DepartmentContact Number
Sales08 600 60 000
Client care08 600 70 000
Claims08 600 70 000
International+27 12 673 3000

Which Outsurance contact number should I use?

Those are the Outsurance contact numbers. You need these numbers when reaching out to the company. But which one should you use?

The Outsurance contact number that you use depends on the nature of your query. If you are a new potential client, then you can reach out to them using the sales number.

Existing customers can use the client care number. That’s actually a very important number for those who are already Outsurance customers. It’s inevitable that you will want to reach out at some point in time to get help.

For claims, you can use the appropriate number given above. You also have a number to use should you wish to get in touch with Outsurance from abroad.

Alternative ways of getting in touch with Outsurance

In this article, we gave you the Outsurance contact number. But is there another way through which you can get in touch with Outsurance. Perhaps you have failed to contact them using the phone number.

The good news is that there are other ways through which you can get in touch. You can get in touch with Outsurance using their social media handles. As an example, you can reach out to them on Facebook and on Twitter. These are good platforms on which to ask any pertinent questions.

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In this article, we answered the question, “how do I contact Outsurance.” We gave the Outsurance call centre number. There are a number of numbers that you can use, depending on the nature of your query. Being able to direct your call to the right department is important and it saves you time.

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