How to Submit a Claim to Bonitas

Are you trying to find out how to submit a claim to Bonitas? Bonitas is one of the most popular medical aid companies in South Africa. They are definitely one of the companies that you should look for when hunting around for a medial scheme. You are here because you are a customer and you wish to make a claim. That usually happens after you have gotten treatment out of your own pocket. You would then need to claim to get back your money from Bonitas. So, what’s the claims submission process like?

Steps to submit to Bonitas Medical aid

The following is how to submit a claim to Bonitas medical aid;

  1. You can submit your claim via post by sending it to the address Bonitas Claims Department, PO Box 74, Vereeniging, 1930.
  2. Alternatively, you can submit you claim using email. Send the claim to the following address
  3. Bonitas also has a wide range walk in centres where you can lodge your claim.

What do you need to include in your claim?

That’s how to submit a claim to Bonitas medical aid. As soon as they get your claim, they will start processing it. However, for your claim to be processed fast, you need to include all the required details. If there are missing details, then Bonitas will have problems processing it. The following are all the details that you need to include when lodging your claim;

  • You need to include your correct banking details. That includes the name of the account holder, the bank, the branch code. Bonitas’ claims payments are made to bank accounts. So, without this information, they will not be able to release your money.
  • Include your full name and initials.
  • Your membership number also needs to be included in your claim.
  • When were you treated? Include that information.
  • Also include information on the amount charged, including by attaching the receipt from the service provider.
  • Show the tariff used.
  • Include the ICD-10 code.

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In this post, we showed you how to submit a claim to Bonitas in South Africa. There are a number of ways through which to do this, mainly via email, through post, at one of the company’s walk-in centres. Once your claim has been made, you will need to check progress on it every now and again. You can do so using the phone number 0860002108 or by sending an email to

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