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What is the Outsurance contact number for claims? Outsurance has been making waves on the insurance scene in South Africa over the past few years. They have been very visible in the media, a development that has seemingly gained them a lot of clients. You are here because you are one of them, and you wish to reach out to their claims department. Which number should you use for doing so?

Outsurance claims department contact details

The Outsurance contact number for the claims department is 08 600 70 000. This number can be reached from 0700hrs to 1800hrs between Monday and Friday. On Saturday, you can call that number between 0800hrs and 1300hrs.

Other ways of reaching out Outsurance

That’s the Outsurance contact number for claims. But what if you can’t get through on that number? What alternatives do you have? You can reach out to their customer care through social media.

One option is to reach out them on Facebook and on Twitter. You can ask them all your questions by sending messages on these platforms. You will get a quick response regarding your query.

Why look for the Outsurance contact number for claims?

In this post, we showed you the Outsurance contact details for claims. But why would you look for these details? There could be a number of reasons for doing this.

Maybe you wish to learn how to lodge a claim with Outsurance. Or maybe you have already submitted your claim and you wish to find it’s status.

Perhaps there is another issue that you need to have resolved, such as changing the details on your claim. Maybe you wish to correct some error or provide missing information. Whatever your issue, you can reach out using the number provided above.

Here is how to claim from Outsurance


In this article, we showed you the Outsurance contact number for claims. Outsurance has a wide range of departments. When reaching out, you need to do so to the right department to have your issue resolved as quickly as is possible. In this post, we showed you how to do so using the number for the claims department.

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