Outsurance Car Insurance Contact Details

What are the Outsurance car insurance contact details? It’s a question that a number of Outsurance customers have been asking. Outsurance is, arguably, one of the biggest insurance companies in South Africa. They have been doing a lot of marketing over the years, a development that has vastly increased their visibility. You are here because you have car insurance with them and you wish to get in touch. What contact details do you use? What is the Outsurance car insurance contact number?

Outsurance car insurance contact number

The Outsurance care insurance contact number is 08 600 70 000. That’s the number for their Client Care department. If you are a new customer looking to get insurance, you can reach out to their Sales department on 08 600 60 000. If you need to get in touch for the free Outsurance roadside assistance, call 08 600 80 000.

Other ways of reaching out to Outsurance for car insurance

Those are the details to use when reaching out to Outsurance about car insurance. But is there another way through which you can reach out to the company? The good news is that there are several alternatives to the contact number.

One option is to reach out to Outsurance via social media. You can actually get a quote on your vehicle by sending them a direct message on Twitter. Also feel free to get in touch with them by leaving them a message on Facebook.

Outsurance is also available on other social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Chat to the company’s representatives on these platforms and they will provide you with the answers that you are looking for.

If you wish to get a quote on car insurance, you can also get one by filling out your details online. Simply go to the car insurance page and complete the form that’s on there.


In this article, we gave you the Outsurance car insurance contact details. We began by giving you their contact number. We also gave numbers for different scenarios, such as sales and for roadside assistance. It was also pointed out that Outsurance can be reached on their social media handles, such as on Facebook and Twitter.

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